Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY Fall Ombre Wreath

Sometimes you just need to make a craft
You need to go through all of your pinterest boards...
Drive to Joann's...
And just get your Martha Stewart on

August is just around the corner and to me August=Fall
And fall is my favorite
AND I realized we didn't have a fall wreath!?
So I went onto pinterest and got inspired by THIS
Please tell me you love this as much as me!?
Want to make your own?

You'll need:
1 grapevine wreath form
2 sheets of each color felt (I bought the $0.34 sheets at Joann's)
Glue gun
Fabric/burlap for banner

Step #1
Use a bowl as a stencil and draw circles onto felt

Step #2
Cut circles into "cinnamon rolls" by swirling your cuts to the center

Step #3
Roll your cinnamon roll starting from the center to make it look like a flower

Step #4
Strategically place flowers on wreath and glue one
Cut out triangles and felt letters. Glue on to twine... Tie on to wreath.

Viola! All done!
I haven't gotten husband opinion on it yet but hopefully he loves it as much as me!
This little baby will not be appearing on our door (despite the picture) until August 1st
So I think I will add some cute ribbon to the top to give it some extra cuteness...


Tere Shake said...

ooohh i love it!

Diane's Photography said...
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danielle p. said...

i was just thinking earlier how i should decorate my door come fall. i just love this, thanks for the inspiration! also, in the photos at the top of your blog, i am in love with your boots! they are so super cool! xx

diary of this girl - megan said...

this is amazing! i want to make one tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

Love, love love!!!! Great job. You're making me long for fall even more now!

meme-and-he said...

SO cute! Nice job! I totally know what you mean when you just have to have a craft night.

Megan said...

I love making wreaths and I love this one! So cute!

Diane's Photography said...

I love the wreath Whitney! It will look cute on my door too...makin me one :D

The Lovely Mrs. P said...

Gorgeous I love it!! Thanks for linkin up! Kim@madeinaday

The Lovely Mrs. P said...

I am featuring you tomorrow!