Thursday, July 26, 2012

Button Swap+Q&A

Alright friends it's time to get back on track and open this baby up for an August button swap!
Now... Here's the deal...
If you want to swap buttons please email me at
With a photo, your button link, your blog link, AND a paragraph about yourself and your blog!
All of my swapping buddies will get a post (combined) and their button will remain on my blog for the entier month of August...
Here's the catch... it's called a button SWAP so we have to swap buttons... easy right? Right!
Also... I am opening the floow up to any questions you guys may have...
Ya know... if you have any...
So please feel free to email me (again at
With any questions!

Thanks so much for following along guys... I really appreciate it!
I love how connected I feel to you guys even though we haven't met face to face!
I'm not the only one who feels like that right? 

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