Thursday, July 5, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

Woop! 4th of July outfit! Lucy wanted to say "hi" too!
(Shoes: Saltwaters. Pants: Abercrombie. Sweater: J Crew)

-Devin and I have both taken turns driving in the "bus only" lane on the freeway here... on separate ocasions... The people waiting for the acutal bus were ticked when we didn't pick them up.
-I also got lost 3 (YES 3) times on my way to the store the other day... I turned around 6.2 billion times
-While unpacking I came across one of our pictures from one of our Hawaii trips and it totally looks like I am grabbing some random guy's butt (which I AM NOT!)
-Speaking of butts Devin and I saw a bumpersticker the other day that said, "Keep your butts to yourself!" to which husband responded with, "Is there some sort of mooning problem here?" Took us a second to figure out what it actually meant. Bumpersticker:1 The Zufelt's:0
-I tripped the other day coming out of a cafe with breakfast in hand...not my best moment of the week.
-Walking Lucy the other day we came across a man hanging out on his porch... and when I say "hanging out" I mean his beer belly was literally hanging out... while he was sucking on his bright green popscile... we walked away quite quickly.

(please excuse the indoor pictures... it's too hot outside!)

-Husband finally read The Hunger Games (with my help of course)
-OUR STUFF CAME! Hallelujah
-Which means this place is finally feeling like home
-How cute husband looks heading off to work in civilian clothes :-)
-There will be a sewing projecting going on in our home in the very very near future
-Hobby Lobby rocks my world!
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!
-Which means the weekend is right around the corner!

P.S. Check out my Marc Jacobs sunnies... they have stars! Woohoo!

Happy Thursday!


Michelle said...

Love your outfit! Super cute.

Ashley said...

Lucy is too, too cute! The devil side of me comes out when I'm lost. I HATE that!!

Diane's Photography said...

I'm looking forward to the sewing project!!!

Megan said...

I love Hobby Lobby! I wish I had one closer to my house. :(

Anonymous said...

1-my husband just read the Hunger Games...he loved it.
2-my husband just got out of the Navy and left for the first time this morning in civilian was weird.
Hope you are liking your new home!