Tuesday, July 31, 2012

St. Mary's Glacier


Things I learned on this hike
#1. Always wear appropriate hiking socks
Underarmour one's don't count
#2. Buying a backpack and hiking boots for our dog was a pretty sweet investment
#3. I am still not used to the altitude here
#4. Both my dog and my husband are better climbers/hikers than me
#5. Always wear bug spray... always.
#6. Lucy needs to perfect her doggie paddle
#7. Don't become friends with random dogs not on a leash (even if they look just like Lucy)... they will follow you down the mountain
#8. Always be glad you weren't climbing with the group wearing flip flops
#9. I love Colorado
#10. After hike food always tastes best

What did you do this weekend?
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Monday, July 30, 2012

It's OK...

{Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Skirt: J Crew. Top: Old Navy. Necklace: Tiffany & Co. Sunglasses: Rayban Wayfarer}

I am always sad to see the dawn of Monday (unless of course I am on vacation)
Because it means the end of an awesome weekend
And the beginning of another week
We had an amazing weekend filled with the temple, hiking, pizza and lots and lots of Olympics!

It's OK...
-That on Saturday we had fresh baked cookies for dinner
-To stay hunkered down in your home to watch the Olympics
-That red velvet has taken over my sweet tooth
-To go to Joann's more than once a week
-That I still haven't bought a blazer because I just don't feel like they fit me right
-To miss Disneyland
-That the majority of my wardrobe is pink... or polka dots... or stripes...
-To have more than one favorite thing
-That I re-start the dryer so I don't have to fold the clothes right away
-To make happy messes
-That I am not an Olympic athlete
-But that the Olympics have taken over my life
-To talk to your mom everyday

Happy Monday friends!
What's OK with you today?
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Friday, July 27, 2012


Anyone who tells you they aren't scared of anything
Are telling you flat out lies
OR they just don't have a soul... one or the other
Yes I admit it-I have fears
Just to name a few...
#1. Spiders
Okay really? With their creepy crawly legs and the way the scamper across everything... It gives me the heebie geebies. I always make Devin (or the nearest person) kill them/make them go away... because I just can't do it.
Pinned Image
#2. Giving birth
Yes I admit it. Giving birth scares the living daylights out of me. I don't really have a high tolerance for pain (first of all) and I have heard way too many horror stories... GIANT diaper like pads!? POOPing!? Um... no thanks.

#3. Putting on a ring and not being able to get it off my finger
I have this terrible horrible no good very bad fear of putting a ring on that is too small and then having to have it cut off.

#4. Not getting in to grad school
Okay this might sound petty but its so real to me! I cried about it at least once a month. I have spent so much time prepping and waiting and going to school for this... Sigh... Please oh please let me in!

#5. That a chocolate chip cookie will turn out to be an oatmeal raisin cookie
This probably seems petty too but its true. Its the number one reason why I don't like to eat desserts at church functions... I have been tricked way too many times and it just isn't worth it to really really want a chocolate chip cookie and then have all your hopes and dreams squashed by a lumpy raisin.

#6. That my teeth will fall out
I have this nightmare a lot... And I wake up freaking out that all of my teeth are gone! Usually someone hits me in the face or I have some type of accident that makes all my teeth come out... PLEASE never let me have dentures.

#7. Having to have surgery
I cried like a baby before I went in for my one and only surgery (getting my wisdom teeth out). They had to give me laughing gas because I was such a spaz... and then I was the most hilarious person in the entire world and had the entire room cracking up. I told my doctor, "I never take drugs!" And he said, "You don't need to!" I'm glad he was on his game... but there is something to terrifying about putting your well being in the hands of a perfect stranger.

What are some of your fears?
Happy Friday my friends!
Have a fantastic weekend! Can't wait to hear what all you did! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Button Swap+Q&A

Alright friends it's time to get back on track and open this baby up for an August button swap!
Now... Here's the deal...
If you want to swap buttons please email me at thezufeltsblog@gmail.com
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All of my swapping buddies will get a post (combined) and their button will remain on my blog for the entier month of August...
Here's the catch... it's called a button SWAP so we have to swap buttons... easy right? Right!
Also... I am opening the floow up to any questions you guys may have...
Ya know... if you have any...
So please feel free to email me (again at thezufeltsblog@gmail.com)
With any questions!

Thanks so much for following along guys... I really appreciate it!
I love how connected I feel to you guys even though we haven't met face to face!
I'm not the only one who feels like that right? 

Awkward and Awesome!

{Shoes: Enzo Angiolini. Skirt and top: J Crew. Belt: Gap. Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren}

- Realizing how terrible I am at volleyball... by  hitting the ball countless times out of bounds (somehow my team still won)
-Watching "He's Just Not That Into You" and realizing that you did some (ahem) of those crazy girl things back in the day. Hello taking your phone to yoga...
-That my GPS thinks "Flatiron" is pronounced "Flute-eye-ron" Sheesh GPS can't you read?
-There are also roads here that specifically say "No cruising 9pm-4am"... I guess I will have to get my cruising done during regular business hours.
-Painting my fingernails on my right hand
-The sheer amount of textbooks we have between the two of us... That are all outdated now.
- My karate skills. This week husband has been getting home close to midnight and there have been a few avoided broken noses (for him) because he tries not to wake me up but gives me a kiss before getting ready for bed... but I wake up anyway and immideately I become a ninja.

-Watching Ratitouille... That movie sure can turn my frown upsidedown
-Anything chocolate... and not white chocolate... I'm talking legit chocolate
-Harry Potter... seriously I will never get over those books/movies
-Um... Has anyone else seen the new Batman!? Um HELLO! Robin is my new favorite.
-Going to VEGAS in September... mmmhmmm
-Tiffany Blue
-How cute husband is when he waves goodbye to me while driving off to work.
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY
-AND husband has the day off!
Happy Thursday my friends!
I am off for a job interview... Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Sink

Have I mentioned that date nights are my favorite nights ever?
Well... they are. Luckily, Friday night we got to share our date night with our friend Lindsay!
She recommended we meet up at this place in Boulder called The Sink 

Naturally I had to look it up online before we went and wouldn't you know it...
It was on Diner's Drive-In's and Dives!
And let me tell you... this place was the bomb

From the fabulous art ALL OVER the walls
And the low ceiling that you can sign your name on...
The Sink was a giant loud delicious party.

We tried the Guy Fieri approved Buddah Basil pizza
It was to die for... it's right up there with my favorite pizza place in town

We also orded the Turkey/apple/brie burger with sweetpotato fries
And we left with left-overs and absolutely no room for dessert
Thanks so much for meeting up with us Linds! We loved it!
We will definitely be frequenting this little quirky place
After all... I did leave my own little mark there...
And someone else has probably already signed over it... Oh well!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY Fall Ombre Wreath

Sometimes you just need to make a craft
You need to go through all of your pinterest boards...
Drive to Joann's...
And just get your Martha Stewart on

August is just around the corner and to me August=Fall
And fall is my favorite
AND I realized we didn't have a fall wreath!?
So I went onto pinterest and got inspired by THIS
Please tell me you love this as much as me!?
Want to make your own?

You'll need:
1 grapevine wreath form
2 sheets of each color felt (I bought the $0.34 sheets at Joann's)
Glue gun
Fabric/burlap for banner

Step #1
Use a bowl as a stencil and draw circles onto felt

Step #2
Cut circles into "cinnamon rolls" by swirling your cuts to the center

Step #3
Roll your cinnamon roll starting from the center to make it look like a flower

Step #4
Strategically place flowers on wreath and glue one
Cut out triangles and felt letters. Glue on to twine... Tie on to wreath.

Viola! All done!
I haven't gotten husband opinion on it yet but hopefully he loves it as much as me!
This little baby will not be appearing on our door (despite the picture) until August 1st
So I think I will add some cute ribbon to the top to give it some extra cuteness...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Standley Lake

Saturday morning we had grand plans to go hiking in some new and fabulous place
Until Lucy started walking funny... and we realized that her "California dog paws" weren't handling the heat/abrasiveness of the roads here very well..

So we scrubbed our hiking adventures
Strapped Lucy into her boots anyway
And headed to the lake to walk around
...Since we don't have a boat

Yes I did wear my pink keens...
This whole little adventure made me realize that we need a boat...
Yes... It's a need.

It was blazing hot... around 100 degrees (that is like the surface of the SUN to me!)
And we wanted sooo badly to get into the water... but alas there is no swimming in Standley Lake
Unless you are wake boarding... which we will be doing next time

We still had a blast walking around the thicket around the lake
Lucy met some prairie dogs
And we saw some random sunflowers
At least we have little bodies of water here... it made me feel a bit better about missing the ocean...

P.S. Lucy kept all 4 of her boots on the entire time we were there.