Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

We are alive! Ha. And we are here! Devin started his new job today... And our stuff still hasn't come. Which means sleeping on an air mattress and using plastic utensils...
AND our laptop bit the dust yesterday... so I am using the "business center" currently to search for jobs (and blog... because... that's technically "business" right? Right.)

{Shoes: Saltwaters. Jeans: JCP. Tshirt, Cardigan, Scarf: J Crew}

-I literally have witnessed at least 3 people digging for gold in their noses since getting here... It must be a state law or something.
-Since our furniture has not come yet we decided to measure out where everything should go... expect we don't have our tape measure... so I used my body to do the measurements... I'm 5'3'' so this space has to atleast be 10+ feet! Yeah it was weird but whatever
-When husband went "out" the "in" way in our parking area... He said, "I don't understand why our opener opens that side!" Um... honey... it's because the "out" has a sensor that lets you out. Poor guy.
-I have now nicknamed our upstairs neighbor "elephant foot". Welcome back to apartment living Whitney.
-Going from driving North and South to driving East to West. It just doesn't make sense in my mind yet!
-How all the little old people doing the Costco samples keep wanting to tell you about their sample, "It's only 3 grams of sugar!" Awesome! "And it's only $4.99 for this whole thing!" Cool! "AND it has 25 grams of fiber!" Ok really... I just wanted a sample...

-I just bought us a little bit of chevron for our guest bathroom... I go in there just to look at it...
-There is a pool here...
-I successfully backed out of our garage yesterday... If you saw how tiny our garage is you would think it is awesome too.
-The cute little cafe AND pizza place within walking distance of our new home... not the mention the park that is right across the street that has American Ninja Warrior type stuff in it.
-That we technically live in a "metropolitan area" now...
-Um hello... the shopping here! I need a job ASAP!
-How cute husband looked today heading off for work!
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Whoop!

Happy Thursday lovelies! Fingers crossed that the movers show up tomorrow so we can enjoy our weekend!!!


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