Monday, June 18, 2012

This week...

Sorry I have been MIA since Wednesday my friends
Husband has been on drill Sargent mode
Which means we have been painting, and fixing, and building and painting since Thursday
And I was banned from the computer

(riding on the cart at home depot)

There were many many many trips to home depot
And grandpa had fun playing with Lucy (aka getting her extremely wet)
There was also no makeup
Zero makeup... for 3 whole days

(husband building a fence)

And it bothered me- I mean... makeup is part of my everyday routine
When I apologized to husband about not wearing makeup he said,
"I don't care if you wear makeup or not. I like you better without it. You are the one who 'cakes' it on and thinks you don't look good without it. I love you no matter what."
Summer goal #1: Wear less makeup
To all my single friends out there... find a man who loves you best with no makeup on

(the "no makeup" face)

P.S. The movers come Wednesday- please excuse my absence until we get into our next place (hopefully early next week!) I am going to try and get some posts scheduled... but let's be honest... that might not happen (I would rather be at the beach wouldn't you?)

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