Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The movers come tomorrow...
I am getting increasingly sad/stressed/freaked out/excited
 (yes I think you can be all those things at once)
 We are leaving our home... our lovely little home that we spent so much time searching for
So many tears and prayers and more tears to get the right one
Our very first home we bought together...we will be leaving it so so soon

AND we will be downsizing
 No more 3 car garage... no more 2 guest bedrooms and a loft and a family room and a living room
We will be living in a townhome condo apartment 
Because it is going to cost us more to live in that apartment in our new town than to live in our home here... and we don't know how long we are going to be there for.

I can hear the judgements from some people we know
You're going to go from living in a home that you own to renting an apartment?
Yes we are thankyouverymuch!
and we are excited.

We have decided to call our downsizing efforts "simplifying"
And I have to say this "antihoarding" (as husband calls it) has been very cleansing
Devin put it perfectly, "While it's nice to have possessions they tie you down... they give you roots but then it makes it so much harder to uproot yourself."
All I said was, "Well we are taking what is important, you...me... and Lucy."
And I know we will be just as happy with 1200 square feet as we were with 1900. 


Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

moving is crazy - good luck though..i can't wait to see pictures of your new place whitney!

Michelle said...

Good luck moving. And I agree, just keeping what's important is good!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I can totally relate! I'm moving cross country and I'm having to decide what I really want/need to take. It's hard to choose!