Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Someday list from Pinterest

I have a board on Pinterest called "Someday"
Because someday we will have kids... (that day just isn't today)
And come on... there are way too many cute kids stuff on pinterest!

Pinned Image
Of course if we have a boy everything will be airplane! VIA

Pinned Image
I have to tell you that this picture is one of the main reasons I bought my red saltwater sandals... Um... if we have a daughter... I NEED a picture like this! VIA

Pinned Image
Sorry friends... I will be documenting every week my belly grows... just warning you now! VIA

Pinned Image
There WILL also be cute maternity clothing in my closet... along with some nice stretchy pants (I'm just sure of it!) VIA

Pinned Image
Ok...  I can't wait to have a photo like this of baby and Lucy. It just melts my heart. VIA

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Fear not I will also be documenting baby's little milestones so be prepared for that as well. I adore this photo with baby and all that he does! VIA

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There will be an awesome diaper bag in my future. I don't care if I have a boy... if I like a pink bag then by golly the bag will be pink... it's still my bag even though I have to carry baby stuff in it... just sayin'. VIA

All my mama friends out there what are some of your baby must have's?


Heathernjones said...

A bob stroller is a MUST have!

Diane's Photography said...

Adorable post Whitney!!! and I love the blog banner too!