Thursday, June 21, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

-2 Christmas' ago we dog sat for our friend (the dogs name is Jack). On Christmas day it was raining and husband had left the dogs outside while we went to my parents house. He drove home before dinner to let them inside... when we got home I went to let them in and in came Lucy... and in came some random black dog... It wasn't Jack. When I told Devin, "Honey- this dog isn't jack" he responded with "What do you mean it isn't Jack? Of course it is Jack." Nope... it wasn't Jack... it was some random dog our neighbors put in our yard (because natually all random dogs in the neighborhood belong to us) and when Devin called for Jack and Lucy, Mr. Random dog was the one who came. Jack had stayed out in the rain in Lucy's dog house... poor Jack!
-I went searching in my purse the other day and found 3 sets of car keys... 3!? And 2 of them were for the same car. I think I have a key hoarding problem.
-Comb overs... I really don't understand them... It's not like we can't tell you are bald buddy
-The face people give us when we tell them we are moving from a home that we own to an apartment... Please tell me how you really feel about that.
-Trying to avoid someone who really wants to talk to you... all of a sudden you become a ninja at sneaking away... not that I have any experience at this of course
-Moving to a new state and driving... If my lack of knowning where I am going doesn't tell you I am new here please refer to my license plate that says "California" and judge me accordingly... thank you.

-Having a nerf gun fight with husband in the house
-That one time I won a jelly bean counting contest
-Monday when husband said, "Hey... do you want to go out for breakfast?" Um YES!
- Going to my favorite ice cream shop... WHY do things that taste good have to be bad for you? Boo
-My mom's hot chocolate... yes even in the summer it's amazing
-MAC lipsticks... I have tried others but MAC is amazing
-Tomorrow is Friday!

We are leaving California tomorrow morning... I can hardly believe it is already here! Happy Thursday my friends!

P.S. Once we are settled in our new place there will be a link up for Awkward's and Awesome's on Thursday's! Just an FYI in case anyone wants to participate... I will give you a heads up once it's all ready to go! I am hoping the first Thursday in July.


Ashley said...

Oh trying to avoid talking to someone........happened just last night :)

Sarah said...

I can't wait for this link up! I've already made a list. Haha

Sammantha said...

Nerf gun fight inside? LOL, that is great, I'm sure my husband would love that :)