Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

We are alive! Ha. And we are here! Devin started his new job today... And our stuff still hasn't come. Which means sleeping on an air mattress and using plastic utensils...
AND our laptop bit the dust yesterday... so I am using the "business center" currently to search for jobs (and blog... because... that's technically "business" right? Right.)

{Shoes: Saltwaters. Jeans: JCP. Tshirt, Cardigan, Scarf: J Crew}

-I literally have witnessed at least 3 people digging for gold in their noses since getting here... It must be a state law or something.
-Since our furniture has not come yet we decided to measure out where everything should go... expect we don't have our tape measure... so I used my body to do the measurements... I'm 5'3'' so this space has to atleast be 10+ feet! Yeah it was weird but whatever
-When husband went "out" the "in" way in our parking area... He said, "I don't understand why our opener opens that side!" Um... honey... it's because the "out" has a sensor that lets you out. Poor guy.
-I have now nicknamed our upstairs neighbor "elephant foot". Welcome back to apartment living Whitney.
-Going from driving North and South to driving East to West. It just doesn't make sense in my mind yet!
-How all the little old people doing the Costco samples keep wanting to tell you about their sample, "It's only 3 grams of sugar!" Awesome! "And it's only $4.99 for this whole thing!" Cool! "AND it has 25 grams of fiber!" Ok really... I just wanted a sample...

-I just bought us a little bit of chevron for our guest bathroom... I go in there just to look at it...
-There is a pool here...
-I successfully backed out of our garage yesterday... If you saw how tiny our garage is you would think it is awesome too.
-The cute little cafe AND pizza place within walking distance of our new home... not the mention the park that is right across the street that has American Ninja Warrior type stuff in it.
-That we technically live in a "metropolitan area" now...
-Um hello... the shopping here! I need a job ASAP!
-How cute husband looked today heading off for work!
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Whoop!

Happy Thursday lovelies! Fingers crossed that the movers show up tomorrow so we can enjoy our weekend!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Top 5 Friday!

1. Doc Bernstein's ice cream

If you are ever on the central coast of California promise me you will stop and get some! Several places now serve my favorite ice cream ( CLICK HERE to find all the locations) but my favorite still has to be the one in the village of Arroyo Grande. I used to walk from school to this ice cream parlor when I was a kid and it still brings back memories... Sorry Blue Bell... You don't have anything on Doc Bernstein's! My favorite flavors are honey almond, bittersweet chocolate and seasalt caramel.

2. The beach

Ok ok I know... It's been on here before... But I will miss this place. We took Lucy on Monday for one final dip in the ocean. She played for forever. I think she knew it was her last time. It was freezing but we still had a blast. (P.S. Avila Beach is my favorite around here)

3. Husband had his eyes checked by my dad

This might sound trivial... but it made me happy to have my dad checking out my hubby's eyes. Of course Devin has great vision but my dad still let me take a picture of his eye (the inside). We had so much fun trying on glasses and sunglasses in the office. I am going to miss that place.

4. Fruit ninja
I have played more fruit ninja this past week than we have since we got our kinect. And let me tell you... it counts as a workout! My arms are so sore the next day! Husband has the best scores still but I am determined to beat him.

5. My snack fund

We have saved up all of our change since our garage sale (and after purchasing stuff to fix the house up) and we have almost $25 in change. Devin has dubbed it my "snack fund". He makes fun of me because I always always always have to have snacks (yes I am still 5 years old).

Today is moving day! We are on our way out of California as we speak! Follow me on instagram (#whitneyzufelt) or on facebook for more updates. I hope to be back to normal bloggin' next week sometime. Have a great weekend lovelies! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

-2 Christmas' ago we dog sat for our friend (the dogs name is Jack). On Christmas day it was raining and husband had left the dogs outside while we went to my parents house. He drove home before dinner to let them inside... when we got home I went to let them in and in came Lucy... and in came some random black dog... It wasn't Jack. When I told Devin, "Honey- this dog isn't jack" he responded with "What do you mean it isn't Jack? Of course it is Jack." Nope... it wasn't Jack... it was some random dog our neighbors put in our yard (because natually all random dogs in the neighborhood belong to us) and when Devin called for Jack and Lucy, Mr. Random dog was the one who came. Jack had stayed out in the rain in Lucy's dog house... poor Jack!
-I went searching in my purse the other day and found 3 sets of car keys... 3!? And 2 of them were for the same car. I think I have a key hoarding problem.
-Comb overs... I really don't understand them... It's not like we can't tell you are bald buddy
-The face people give us when we tell them we are moving from a home that we own to an apartment... Please tell me how you really feel about that.
-Trying to avoid someone who really wants to talk to you... all of a sudden you become a ninja at sneaking away... not that I have any experience at this of course
-Moving to a new state and driving... If my lack of knowning where I am going doesn't tell you I am new here please refer to my license plate that says "California" and judge me accordingly... thank you.

-Having a nerf gun fight with husband in the house
-That one time I won a jelly bean counting contest
-Monday when husband said, "Hey... do you want to go out for breakfast?" Um YES!
- Going to my favorite ice cream shop... WHY do things that taste good have to be bad for you? Boo
-My mom's hot chocolate... yes even in the summer it's amazing
-MAC lipsticks... I have tried others but MAC is amazing
-Tomorrow is Friday!

We are leaving California tomorrow morning... I can hardly believe it is already here! Happy Thursday my friends!

P.S. Once we are settled in our new place there will be a link up for Awkward's and Awesome's on Thursday's! Just an FYI in case anyone wants to participate... I will give you a heads up once it's all ready to go! I am hoping the first Thursday in July.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My to do list

Seeing as how we will be moving into a new place this time next week (holy hannah montana... that's soon) I thought I would share some of the things (from Pinterst of course... all my "good ideas" come from there) that are on my to do list once we get there...

Pinned Image
 This project has been "husband approved" (meaning I can do it!). I think these are so cute they remind me of philosophy jars. VIA 

Pinned Image
I adore this. It's so fun to look back at all the places you have been! I would like to do a world one though... even though I haven't been out of the US... yet.

Pinned Image
Going through all of our stuff recently I found a whole folder (yes a folder) full of tickets to things we have done (wicked, the lion king etc) and this is the perfect way to keep them all in one spot without them falling out and getting lost! VIA 

Pinned Image
I have been dying to glitter my keys for awhile now... Husband always says "NO GLITTER"... but... I think we can make an exception this time... VIA 

Pinned Image
While I don't think my entire makeup arsenal will fit on a magnetic board, I am certain that my basics will! This is my favorite one I have seen so far. I love the labels! VIA 

Pinned Image
While these serve no other function than to make me happy (I mean how can you not be happy with a giant pink paper flower!?) I still want to make them. I think I might just make one and put it in the corner of our guest room... Or maybe in my closet... VIA

What are your favorite pins this week!?

P.S. In order to get to the original website (if it was available) please click the "via" link

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The movers come tomorrow...
I am getting increasingly sad/stressed/freaked out/excited
 (yes I think you can be all those things at once)
 We are leaving our home... our lovely little home that we spent so much time searching for
So many tears and prayers and more tears to get the right one
Our very first home we bought together...we will be leaving it so so soon

AND we will be downsizing
 No more 3 car garage... no more 2 guest bedrooms and a loft and a family room and a living room
We will be living in a townhome condo apartment 
Because it is going to cost us more to live in that apartment in our new town than to live in our home here... and we don't know how long we are going to be there for.

I can hear the judgements from some people we know
You're going to go from living in a home that you own to renting an apartment?
Yes we are thankyouverymuch!
and we are excited.

We have decided to call our downsizing efforts "simplifying"
And I have to say this "antihoarding" (as husband calls it) has been very cleansing
Devin put it perfectly, "While it's nice to have possessions they tie you down... they give you roots but then it makes it so much harder to uproot yourself."
All I said was, "Well we are taking what is important, and Lucy."
And I know we will be just as happy with 1200 square feet as we were with 1900. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

This week...

Sorry I have been MIA since Wednesday my friends
Husband has been on drill Sargent mode
Which means we have been painting, and fixing, and building and painting since Thursday
And I was banned from the computer

(riding on the cart at home depot)

There were many many many trips to home depot
And grandpa had fun playing with Lucy (aka getting her extremely wet)
There was also no makeup
Zero makeup... for 3 whole days

(husband building a fence)

And it bothered me- I mean... makeup is part of my everyday routine
When I apologized to husband about not wearing makeup he said,
"I don't care if you wear makeup or not. I like you better without it. You are the one who 'cakes' it on and thinks you don't look good without it. I love you no matter what."
Summer goal #1: Wear less makeup
To all my single friends out there... find a man who loves you best with no makeup on

(the "no makeup" face)

P.S. The movers come Wednesday- please excuse my absence until we get into our next place (hopefully early next week!) I am going to try and get some posts scheduled... but let's be honest... that might not happen (I would rather be at the beach wouldn't you?)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

7 tips for wearing cardigans

As you may most definitely have noticed I have a certain "thing" for cardigans
It's kind of a joke here in the Zufelt home
Everytime we go shopping Devin always asks what I bought
9 times out of 10 there will be a new cardigan in the bag
I have 2 drawers dedicated solely to cardigans (there is always room for more)...
A cardigan is such a classic piece I can't help but love them
Take a look back at some of my favorite looks with cardigans with a few of my tips to wear them

Play with color! You don't always have to wear neutrals.
{Shoes: Enzo Angiolini. Skirt: J Crew. Button down: Express. Cardigan and belt: Gap. Glasses: Nicole Miller}

Dress them down with jeans and a tshirt
{Shoes: TOMS. Jeans and cardigan: Express. Stripped T: J Crew. Glasses: Rayban.}

Bring out a certain color in a patern with a solid cardigan
{Shoes: Macys. Skirt, Cardigan, Necklace: J Crew. Tshirt: Downeastbasics}

The buttons don't always have to be used! Leave it open to show your cute shirt underneath
{Boots: Hunter. Jeans: Banana Republic. Buttondown: American Eagle. Cardigan: J Crew}

Go for patterned cardigans! This one is subtle but don't be afraid to go bold!
{Shoes: Macys. Skirt: Gap. Cardigan and headband: J Crew. Belt: Express}

Dress it up with a scarf!
{Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Pants and scarf: J Crew. Tshirt: Marshalls. Cardigan: Express}

Layer! I promise they are perfect layering pieces any time of year especially for summer since they are so lightweight!
{Shoes: Macys. Skirt, Top, Cardigan: J Crew. Bag: Oilily. Glasses: Rayban}

Now please excuse me while I go and raid my cardigan drawer(s) for something cute to wear today.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The day I knew

I always hated it when I was single and someone older and wiser (read: married) would tell me "When you know-you know! Ya know?"
No- I have no idea what you are talking about lady because I don't know how you know because I don't know! Ya know?
But then I met this man...
I can't exactly tell you how I knew but I can tell you about the day that I knew that I knew (are you with me so far?)
Devin and I had been dating about 8ish weeks (or 2 months... choose which option sounds the longest to you) and we decided that we wanted to go see the play Wicked in L.A.
We chose to go in the middle of the week and I had to work the day we left and Devin didn't

We opted to take my car (her name is Charlie-we sold her last night which might be why I am feeling all nostalgic) because Dev's awesome sports car was a stick shift and would be a pain in the you-know-where to drive in L.A. traffic

So he dropped me off in the morning at work and took Charlie for the day
When he came to pick me up from work Charlie looked like a whole new car
He had her washed, vacuumed the inside, wiped everything down, had her oil changed and did a whole bunch of other things I don't even remember.

It might sound odd but that's when I knew that I knew
This cute guy who on his day off spent it getting my car all nice and ready so we could go spend a night in the city made me realize he was THE ONE
The entire trip confirmed it even further for me
He drove on the way home so I could sleep
He let me get snacks at the gas station because I was dying of hunger
And a bunch of other little things that happened that day... made it the day that I knew that I knew
(pictures taken August 2008)

Monday, June 11, 2012

It's OK...

So... I bought husband a remote control helicopter as one of his birthday presents...
It is currently charging right next to me
I am so tempted right now to go and fly it
But I won't... because the last time I did... I crashed it... (I haven't been allowed to fly it since)
And it wouldn't look too good for husband to come home to a broken remote control helicopter...
It's not like I could blame it on the dog... He would know it was me

(Shoes: Sperry. Shorts: Lucky brand. Sweater, top, necklace: J Crew. Glasses: Nicole Miller)

It's OK...
-That I forgot to have husband taken outfit pictures of my cute church outfit yesterday
-I am pretty sure I ate my weight in cookies/brownies this weekend (in my defense they were the best batches I think I have ever made)
-To have more shoes than pants (or dresses... or skirts...) in my closet
-That the vast majority of my weekend was spent playing fruitninja, just dance 3, or 10 days in Europe
-To love your dog/pet
-That I just saw a picture of my husband at Talladega... and I died a little on the inside
-To not really know who "One Direction" is... Oops
-That I talk to my mom every single day
-To be yourself
-That I really really really don't like caseroles
-To dance it out

Happy Monday lovelies! What's OK with you today? 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Top 5 Friday!

I have one full week left here in California... Tears have not been shed yet... But I can feel those suckers brimming on the brinks of a general sob-fest. Which we all know is super attractive.
Husband and I have made a list of what we want to do with our ticking-time-bomb of days left in CA
Most of them have to do with food... No eating disorders for us in the Zufelt household.

And with that lovely note let's link up for another "Top 5 Friday!"

#1. My brother's wedding
Technically this happened last Saturday- but still... it happened since last Friday. It was by far the most beautiful ceremony I have ever been to (outside of an LDS temple). I think everyone there shed a tear or two (or three... or four...). I am so happy for my brother and Amy. You can tell they were made for each other.

#2. Watching Venus
I admit this wasn't my best/brightest idea (pun intended) but I was not about to miss this event that won't happen again until I'm dead in 2117. Besides, we already missed seeing the eclipse due to being in a car the entire day. So when husband got home from work I told him that we had to go look at it. I said, "We don't have a welding helmet or those funny glasses they wore on TV... do you think 2 pairs of sunglasses would be ok?" Well... they weren't... we finally saw the little black dot after 7 (yes 7) pairs of sunglasses were on our face.

#3. Getting pedicures with my mom
I think mom is finally starting to realize that this whole "moving thing" is real and it isn't a vacation. I have lived away before when I went away to college but this is different- I always came back. Not that I won't come back to visit it is just different. So mom and I went to our favorite nail place and got a little pampered. I think pedicures should be a requirement during summer.

#4. My new apron!
Isn't it beautiful? I almost don't want to wear it cooking its so cute. The detail is fabulous and I just love the little flower! Plus we all know I am a sucker for ruffles. When I saw this sucker online I knew it had to be mine! My color apron was a custom color choice but go HERE to see my other favorites and to get one of your own!

#5. Hulahooping
My mom is awesome. She has a hulahoop in her office. Well... naturally I had to try it out... and it became a full on hula extravaganza in my parent's office (don't tell my dad). We had too much fun being silly and becoming self proclaimed hula-masters. I love my mom.

Happy Friday my friends! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

{Sandals: Saltwater Jeans: Banana Republic Sweater: J Crew Necklace: J Crew currently loving THIS one for summer (I heart all things nautical). Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo Lipstick: NARS Schiap}

-When the guy making your sandwich at the store says "sorry we are out of ranch" and you tell "um... I didn't know I was getting ranch?"... That made him flustered
-Speaking of flustered... I learned a new word while I was in the south... it's called "flusterated"- flusterated: a combination of being frustrated and flustered at the same time.
-Selling my senior prom dress this last weekend... let's just say I was clinging on to it until the absolute last second
-Devin bought me this shirt from Alabama from their minor league baseball team called "The Biscuits"... the biscuit on my shirt has a pad o' butter for its "teeth"... they throw out biscuits at the ball games. I'm sad I missed it.
-The faces I get from people when I tell them I don't like any kind of melon... That's when I add that I also don't like greenbeans...

-When I came in to our room the other night and Dev had our laptop set up and blankies in the bed and said, "I thought we could watch some of our favorite shows"... Love
-Hulahooping with my mom
-Going back and looking at picture from your wedding day :-)
-Getting a pedicure
-The mode we have been in that we have now decided to call "Anti-hoarding"
-My new apron (stay tuned for more on that!)
-Tomorrow is Friday!

Happy Thursday lovelies!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Someday list from Pinterest

I have a board on Pinterest called "Someday"
Because someday we will have kids... (that day just isn't today)
And come on... there are way too many cute kids stuff on pinterest!

Pinned Image
Of course if we have a boy everything will be airplane! VIA

Pinned Image
I have to tell you that this picture is one of the main reasons I bought my red saltwater sandals... Um... if we have a daughter... I NEED a picture like this! VIA

Pinned Image
Sorry friends... I will be documenting every week my belly grows... just warning you now! VIA

Pinned Image
There WILL also be cute maternity clothing in my closet... along with some nice stretchy pants (I'm just sure of it!) VIA

Pinned Image
Ok...  I can't wait to have a photo like this of baby and Lucy. It just melts my heart. VIA

Pinned Image
Fear not I will also be documenting baby's little milestones so be prepared for that as well. I adore this photo with baby and all that he does! VIA

Pinned Image
There will be an awesome diaper bag in my future. I don't care if I have a boy... if I like a pink bag then by golly the bag will be pink... it's still my bag even though I have to carry baby stuff in it... just sayin'. VIA

All my mama friends out there what are some of your baby must have's?