Thursday, May 17, 2012

She Shops Shoe Sales by the Sea Shore

I have a problem during the summer time
I don't like buying clothes
I like buying shoes
(And makeup)
Ok... I don't like buying shoes... I love buying shoes
Because as they said in the movie In her shoes...
"Clothes never look any good, food just makes me fatter, shoes always fit"
So today (in stead of awkward and awesome) I am going to share some of my favorite shoes (read: sandals) for summertime... seeing as how I am leaving tomorrow {!!!} to go back east to see my husband {!!!}

#1. Salt Water originals

I just got these babies yesterday (yes... yesterday in the mail) and I can't take them off of my feet. They are super comfy and I know Devin probably won't love them but I love them. I got them off of Amazon (for thow who want to know) Madewell also sells them but... I got a better price at Amazon (even with shipping).

#2. Salt Water T-straps

Yes I know... another salt water sandal. I just couldn't decide which one I wanted... so I got both. And let me tell you... it was worth it. I have been dying for a white sandal... and I love this one. (From Amazon again)

#3. Yellow!

I bought these yellow wedges last year for my graduation walk (yes it happened woohoo for having a degree!). I got wedges because I wanted to feel stable walking across that stage and I didn't want to fall. They did the trick. And I still love them. (I got them at Macy's)

#4. Floral Wedge

Devin bought me these (From Macy's again... it's the only thing we have around here).  I took these to Hawaii last year and they are still as fabulous as I remember (because they have been a bit hidden in my closet) so now that the nice season is upon us they will be getting worn a ton more!

#5. Coral

If you don't have anything coral... I really think you need to get something. It's a color that looks great on pretty much everyone. I bought these sandals at Marshalls because they were too good to pass up ($10!!!) and I was afraid I would never wear them... I wear them all.the.time. Best $10 I have spent on a pair of sandals.

What shoes are you loving these days?
P.S. Tomorrow we will be having a lovely guest post from one of my favorite bloggers so be sure to check back! Please excuse my absense for the next week and a half. Husband and I will be driving back from the East Coast and making  a stop at our new "town" to find a place to live! 

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Diane's Photography said...

Cute post on sandals Whitney! I enjoy your creativity when you write!
love you
p.s. I love them all and I'm glad you got the red salt sandals :D