Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yesterday in between classes I got the call
It was weird that Devin was calling me in the middle of the day
And that he asked me what time I got out of class... again
I knew something was wrong
So I asked him to tell me what it was
He said I should call my mom
I knew right then what he was going to say
And I broke down sobbing
"Just tell me I am already freaking out" I said
...."Maggie passed away this morning"
And then we cried together
And I have been crying ever since

This little face has brought so much joy to our family
She was our friend and our little snuggle buddy
We got her at just 8 weeks old
And I remember when she chewed up a pair of brand new Roxy sandals
And how she always greeted us at the door every time we would come over
She loved car rides and tennis balls and the beach
I can't imagine going over to my parents house and not seeing this face
She was the sweetest dog ever
She taught Lucy how to be good
And she was Lucy's best friend too
I don't know how Lucy is going to take it when she realized she isn't going to see her anymore
It just breaks my heart over and over again

Maggie had a stroke or a heart attack early Monday morning
We think around 2 am... because that is when my parents grandfather clock stopped...
My mom heard a strangle rustling but she assumed it was their cat being sneaky
When she woke up Monday morning Maggie was very lethargic

She didn't want to get up or even go outside
She plopped down in front of the TV and didn't want to move
And that's when my mom knew she was leaving us
So my mom got a pillow and laid down with her
And gave her pets... and told her how much we all loved her
She put her head in mom's lap... and her paw on her leg
Her breathing became labored... and an hour later... she left us...

I am so grateful for this little doggie
I miss her terribly already
We love you Maggie...

January 21st 2001-May 7th 2012


The Management said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

I just found your blog so maybe it's a little weird for me to be commenting on such a personal post but I'm going to anyway.

My family lost our best dog ever a couple summers ago and I remember how sad and painful that was. I'm holding a good thought for you- it will all be okay.

Amanda said...

That is so sad. I am so sorry to hear about your beloved Maggie. I'm not a huge dog person but golden retrievers are my favorite. My aunt and uncle actually had a golden retriever named Maggie as well and this makes me think of her.