Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A late Pinterest post

I tend to think of things a bit too early
As in... I started planning on what I wanted to get Devin for his birthday right after Christmas
(P.S. his birthday is in... 4 days!!!)
So... today our "Oh, How Pinteresting!!" post is about Halloween costumes
Because I am a crazy early planner like that
AND it will be October before you know
I mean... How did it get to be May already?

Pinned Image
Um... how stinkin' cute is this kid!? The old man from up!? I can't get enough of it. If we have a boy we have to do this... and Lucy could be "Doug"... Oh I love it so much already.

Pinned Image
The only thing we drink at Starbucks is the salted caramel hot chocolates (which they still make by the way!) but I think this is hilarious and pretty original.

Pinned Image
This just cracks me up... because I use one on a daily basis... and I think its clever. I probably wouldn't get Devin to agree to dress up as a loofa though... haha! VIA
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For those of us {ahem} who are adicted to social media! Love it. VIA

Pinned Image
It Lucy were a pit bull.. this would so be her Halloween costume. She has been a spider the past 2 years... time for an upgrade. VIA

Pinned Image
I am not going to lie... I love everything about this. I love that they dressed up as a family and that the decorated a wagon to look like a fire. VIA

If you haven't seen our costumes from last Halloween... CLICK HERE  we get pretty serious about holiday's around here.

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

All of those are soooo cute! I love the facebook one and the dog is too funny!