Thursday, May 10, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

{Shoes: Nine West. Pants: J Crew. Top: c/o Footseas (brand: Angie:) }
-Getting locked out of work... with no escape. Literally I was contemplating jumping a very large fence. I was out there for a good 10 mintues knocking on the door and forming my escape plan. Luckily Diandra came and found me.
-When people do the "index finger wave"... I know you know what I'm talking about
-Forgetting to put on mascara and not realizing it until... you go to take it off... whoops.
-When people insist on not cutting their toe nails... and then wearing sandals
-Mom and I saw this tiny dead snake on our walk with Lucy last week... and I said, "Holy crap it's a frickin' snake! AHHHH!!!" And mom said, "WHERE!" And then we both screamed and ran away.... Lucy was unphased.
-Socially awkward people... they make life more entertaining
-When people who have had way too much botox and they try to smile...
-People have started to ask me if I am now a widow... that is totally horrible.
-Devin says we were on Modern Family last night... I didn't see us...
(Shoes: Olukai. Shorts: Pac Sun. Top and cami: c/o Footseas (brand: Angie)}

-Um you get 2 outfits to look at today :-) Everyone meet my friend Diandra! Isn't she super cute?
-Hula hoop class. Seriously. I am a believer.
-8 {!!!!} days until I see my husband
-Chemistry will be over in 6 days
-Nerdy glasses. I still can't get enough of them
-Some much needed retail therapy will be happening with my moms tomorrow
-Watching Tangled after a really rough day
-Lace. Sparkles. Pink.
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
Happy Thursday! Friday... come quicker!


Diane's Photography said...

I need to come visit you at work Whitney, that store looks fun! I didn't see you either on the Show, I'll have to watch Modern family again on the intrnet :D

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I LOVE that top!!