Thursday, May 31, 2012

From ATL to SLO

This is mostly just a picture post from our journey across the USA
(From Atlanta Georgia back home to California)
{sorry if you follow me on Instagram there are some repeats}
It was mostly just a ton of driving- but we were so happy to be back together it didn't matter
Don't worry I will spare you the details of driving through the nothingness that is Kansas

Things I learned on this trip:
#1. I never want to live in Kansas
#2. Kansas can take back the eastern part of Colorado...
#3. I would rather eat Pinkberry than "real food"
#4. Ted talks are the bomb yo
#5.UGGS need to just stop while they are ahead
#6. New Orleans is kinda dirty. The Princess and the Frog gave me false hopes as to what to expect... although there were beignets. When the girl at the restaurant tells you to "be careful out there sweetie" you don't stay out past dark.
#7. There are such things as "touch screen" soda dispensers... 
#8. Devin's "30 presents for his 30th birthday" was even more fun for me to watch him open than Christmas
#9. There are crazy people everywhere
#10. Las Vegas still feels a bit like "home" to me

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!!! Sweet tooth

While husband was gone for 2 months... I only baked twice
I say "only" because... well... it used to be a lot more than that
So today I am going to share with you some recipes from good ol' Pinterest that I am DYING to make!

Pinned Image
Chocolate chip chocolate cheesecake bars... Can you SEE that crust!? I think these might be first on my list... VIA

Pinned Image
Who doesn't love cakebatter anything!? I wish we had been home for husband's birthday because these would have been made already... fabulous. VIA

Pinned Image
I think I have a slight love affair with all things smores...These one's are frozen. I sure hope we make new friends FAST in our new town so I can make these for a 4th of July bbq! VIA

Pinned Image
Mmmmm... this french toast bake looks easy and ridiculously deadly for my waistline... VIA

Pinned Image
Brownie... cookiedough... need I say more? I don't think so! VIA

womens full Apron My BEST seller
Ok... I know this isn't a dessert... but I NEED this apron! I mean really... how cute is this!? I need it to bake all the above desserts... because you can't bake without an awesome apron right? Right! VIA

What are you pinning this week!?

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Her name is Monroe

Before I share anything about our trip across the country... let me introduce you to the newest member of the Zufelt clan...

Her name is Monroe (ya know... Like Marilyn...)
And we love her

You see... Devin had a sweet sports car when we first got married
Her name was Marilyn
And she was an Infiniti G35
And then we sold her
And got our truck Brody
And Devin was sad

Then it was time to buy me a new car...
My only requirements?
White... 4 door... 4 wheel drive
And Monroe is what I got
Isn't she gorgeous? I think she is
All leather interior... seat warmers... NO KEY!? start up...
We found her in Provo Utah of all places
And I love her
Monroe... Infiniti G37x
I am so excited... I can't even tell you how "cool" I feel... I have repeated this phrase from "Up All Night" pretty much every day since we got her...
"What kind of stories are you making up about me? They're all true..."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In Defense of Short Courtships

Husband and I are finally {!!!} together and driving across the country... Today was my first chance to get on the computer! I am going to introduce you to one of my absolute favorite bloggers.... Elisabeth. I seriously wish I lived closer to this girl. She is amazing... as is this post! I absolutely love every word she wrote... because it was true for me and Devin as well (we met and were married within 6 months).

In Defense Of Short Courtships

Hi - So I'm Elisabeth, and I blog over at La Vita e Bella

A little bit about me:

1. I love icecream, my husband, and the color blue.
2. I detest running long distances, lose-lose situations, and not being able to fall asleep at night. 
3. I could spend my whole life dancing, eating, and traveling and be perfectly happy.

Ben and I met on December 6, 2010
we were engaged May 6, 2011

and we were married August 6, 2011.
It all happened a bit fast. The speed of it would scare me a little, until I remembered what it felt like to be with him; when I’d known him a week it felt like six months. When we’d been dating a month it felt like two years, and by the time we were married, I couldn’t remember life without Ben at all.
Prior to Ben I was a firm believer in dating someone for a long time. I was okay with short engagements (because I figured once you knew, you knew, and you might as well get married), but I was determined to date someone for at least a year, and see them in every season.

Well you see, the problem was that Ben simply swept me off my feet. Our first date was decorating gingerbread houses, our second, a holiday concert in an art museum. The first few months were filled with ice-cream, rock climbing, late night conversations, lots of cuddling, wide-eyed phone calls home, perpetual smiles, and “I love you”s. 

I’m so glad I chose to get married at age 20.

Now, I’m not saying all you single people under the age of 22 go up and marry the first boy you meet, but if your knight in shining armor rides by on a white horse, don’t be too scared to let him sweep you off your feet.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

She Shops Shoe Sales by the Sea Shore

I have a problem during the summer time
I don't like buying clothes
I like buying shoes
(And makeup)
Ok... I don't like buying shoes... I love buying shoes
Because as they said in the movie In her shoes...
"Clothes never look any good, food just makes me fatter, shoes always fit"
So today (in stead of awkward and awesome) I am going to share some of my favorite shoes (read: sandals) for summertime... seeing as how I am leaving tomorrow {!!!} to go back east to see my husband {!!!}

#1. Salt Water originals

I just got these babies yesterday (yes... yesterday in the mail) and I can't take them off of my feet. They are super comfy and I know Devin probably won't love them but I love them. I got them off of Amazon (for thow who want to know) Madewell also sells them but... I got a better price at Amazon (even with shipping).

#2. Salt Water T-straps

Yes I know... another salt water sandal. I just couldn't decide which one I wanted... so I got both. And let me tell you... it was worth it. I have been dying for a white sandal... and I love this one. (From Amazon again)

#3. Yellow!

I bought these yellow wedges last year for my graduation walk (yes it happened woohoo for having a degree!). I got wedges because I wanted to feel stable walking across that stage and I didn't want to fall. They did the trick. And I still love them. (I got them at Macy's)

#4. Floral Wedge

Devin bought me these (From Macy's again... it's the only thing we have around here).  I took these to Hawaii last year and they are still as fabulous as I remember (because they have been a bit hidden in my closet) so now that the nice season is upon us they will be getting worn a ton more!

#5. Coral

If you don't have anything coral... I really think you need to get something. It's a color that looks great on pretty much everyone. I bought these sandals at Marshalls because they were too good to pass up ($10!!!) and I was afraid I would never wear them... I wear them all.the.time. Best $10 I have spent on a pair of sandals.

What shoes are you loving these days?
P.S. Tomorrow we will be having a lovely guest post from one of my favorite bloggers so be sure to check back! Please excuse my absense for the next week and a half. Husband and I will be driving back from the East Coast and making  a stop at our new "town" to find a place to live! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A late Pinterest post

I tend to think of things a bit too early
As in... I started planning on what I wanted to get Devin for his birthday right after Christmas
(P.S. his birthday is in... 4 days!!!)
So... today our "Oh, How Pinteresting!!" post is about Halloween costumes
Because I am a crazy early planner like that
AND it will be October before you know
I mean... How did it get to be May already?

Pinned Image
Um... how stinkin' cute is this kid!? The old man from up!? I can't get enough of it. If we have a boy we have to do this... and Lucy could be "Doug"... Oh I love it so much already.

Pinned Image
The only thing we drink at Starbucks is the salted caramel hot chocolates (which they still make by the way!) but I think this is hilarious and pretty original.

Pinned Image
This just cracks me up... because I use one on a daily basis... and I think its clever. I probably wouldn't get Devin to agree to dress up as a loofa though... haha! VIA
Pinned Image
For those of us {ahem} who are adicted to social media! Love it. VIA

Pinned Image
It Lucy were a pit bull.. this would so be her Halloween costume. She has been a spider the past 2 years... time for an upgrade. VIA

Pinned Image
I am not going to lie... I love everything about this. I love that they dressed up as a family and that the decorated a wagon to look like a fire. VIA

If you haven't seen our costumes from last Halloween... CLICK HERE  we get pretty serious about holiday's around here.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

{Shoes: Nine West. Pants: J Crew. Top: c/o Footseas (brand: Angie:) }
-Getting locked out of work... with no escape. Literally I was contemplating jumping a very large fence. I was out there for a good 10 mintues knocking on the door and forming my escape plan. Luckily Diandra came and found me.
-When people do the "index finger wave"... I know you know what I'm talking about
-Forgetting to put on mascara and not realizing it until... you go to take it off... whoops.
-When people insist on not cutting their toe nails... and then wearing sandals
-Mom and I saw this tiny dead snake on our walk with Lucy last week... and I said, "Holy crap it's a frickin' snake! AHHHH!!!" And mom said, "WHERE!" And then we both screamed and ran away.... Lucy was unphased.
-Socially awkward people... they make life more entertaining
-When people who have had way too much botox and they try to smile...
-People have started to ask me if I am now a widow... that is totally horrible.
-Devin says we were on Modern Family last night... I didn't see us...
(Shoes: Olukai. Shorts: Pac Sun. Top and cami: c/o Footseas (brand: Angie)}

-Um you get 2 outfits to look at today :-) Everyone meet my friend Diandra! Isn't she super cute?
-Hula hoop class. Seriously. I am a believer.
-8 {!!!!} days until I see my husband
-Chemistry will be over in 6 days
-Nerdy glasses. I still can't get enough of them
-Some much needed retail therapy will be happening with my moms tomorrow
-Watching Tangled after a really rough day
-Lace. Sparkles. Pink.
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
Happy Thursday! Friday... come quicker!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!!!

I am soooo ready to be done with these next 9 days!
I just want to see my husband.
That is all.
Ok... that's not all...
Have you ever had that feeling when you reading something and it totally clicks!?
It happens to me all the time... especially on Pinterest
So here are some of my favorite "word" pins that resonated with me

Pinned Image
I KNOW I am not the only one who thinks this/does this...

Pinned Image
I can not even tell you how many times these past few months I have been in tears (yes tears) and seen this little quote on my pinterest page... and it has given me that little boost that I needed.

Pinned Image
And cake... you can also buy cake... and a new pair of shoes... and those are pretty much the same thing too.

Pinned Image
I think we all need this little reminder as to why we have adversity. I know that I forget and often think "WHY ME!?"

Pinned Image
I am pretty sure this is 100% true.

Pinned Image
Oh Alice in Wonderland... you make me so happy. Can Devin be The Mad Hatter again next year for Halloween??? Ok... we already know I have other ideas in mind.

Pinned Image
This is so so so true. Amen is all I have to say about that.

What are you pinning this week!?

Oh and P.S. I am on instagram... crazy huh? Find me! #whitneyzufelt