Monday, April 30, 2012

You n' Me

Dear Husband,

Sometimes I wonder how this all came to be.
How/why you picked me...
And I especially wonder it looking back on all of our old pictures
You're pictures from you youth show you climbing
And not just in a climbing gym (like how I roll these days)
You have countless pictures of huge mountains
But mostly ginormous rocks that you and Ryan have climbed.

Pictures from my youth show me in PINK frilly prom dresses
And cheer uniforms
And TPing with my friends...
I don't have any pictures of rocks

Some of your baby pictures dipict you with FISH
Yes fish... and mud fights with your siblings outside

Mine show me with makeup and crazy curled hair my sisters did
And mostly more pink stuff

But now...
I have pictures of ME and YOU with giant rocks! And things that I (attempted) to climb
There are pictures of US with trees... and dirt
I also have countless pictures of you in a pink striped tie (which is my favorite)
Although I have yet to take a picture with a fish... I do have pictures of you and me in some crazy Halloween makeup... and all of this makes me so so so happy.
I am so glad that we are us... and that we have adventures together... and that you picked me.
I can't wait to see you in 18 days!

P.S. How stinkin' cute are those pictures of Devin? I seriously can't get over it. 


Elisabeth said...

this is awesome - and you two should seriously come to utah and we'll go on a climbing trip. I married a climber too and now thats what we spend half our time doing :)

Diane's Photography said...

Whitney, this is one of the cutestet posts. I so enjoy reading your blog, I'm serious about you writing for am magazine...