Friday, April 6, 2012

That one time

(Shoes: Nordys. Pants: Express. Top: c/o Footseas. Lipstick: MAC Red)

Just a quick little story...
So last night when husband asked how we were doing over here I said fine
And then I set the dish rag on fire
And had to put it out in the sink
And I completely burnt the popcorn I was making in the whirlypop
To which my house will now smell like for the rest of eternity
I guess I should just be glad he wasn't here to witness my epic wife fail
But... he was on the phone
So I guess it was only a 1/2 fail... right?
Let's hope I don't set anything else on fire tonight when I bake...  
Keep your fingers crossed for me

1 comment:

Diane's Photography said...

Whitney, you make life a fun adventure :D