Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!!!

I concluded this past weekend that Disneyland and Pinterest are a lot alike....
In the sense that they both make me want to eat terribly
AND workout at the same time
WHO can resist a waffle cone filled with delicious ice cream? Or those caramel apples!?
Although... Disneyland's workout motivation is actually seeing those people eating the churro's and ice cream and turkey legs... yeah... I was curred of wanting a churro really quickly
I didn't even eat a piece of Cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory
Husband says I should be banned
BUT now I am back to real life (sadly) where the only Princess at breakfast is me... or Lucy (our dog)
So let's get crackin' with Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!!!

Pinned Image
Please tell me you love this as much as me? I tried it as soon as I got home from work last night. Hopefully I can recreate it again! VIA

Pinned Image
I am pretty sure I need to meet this girl... I literally love every single things she wears. WHY do I not live where all the awesome blogger meetups are!? Sheesh. VIA

Pinned Image
I seriously want to make one of these and leave it at a local shop...Because everyone needs something VIA

Pinned Image
I am lovin' this! I love the colors and the smaller frames inside the giant one... Fabulous. VIA

Pinned Image
That jacket... That jacket... That jacket... I mean... that's all I can say. VIA

Pinned Image
I honestly can't tell you why I find these so funny... It might be because... actually... I have no idea... but this is my favorite. VIA

Pinned Image
Ok... let's be honest... I wouldn't be "me" unless I posted some naughty dessert. And with summer coming soon this red velvet cake icecream? Lust! VIA

What are you pinning this week? Outfits for summer!? Sandals? Swimwear? Seriously I want to know!


Meghan said...

I adore that frame! Great color!

Elisabeth said...

i have concluded if i had to put someone in charge of choosing the gifts i got for the rest of my life - it would be you. because you have the best tatse.