Monday, April 16, 2012

It's OK...

{Shoes: Macys. Tshirt: Downeastbasics. Skirt,Cardi,Necklace: J Crew}

It's OK...
-To be happy and sad to not be teaching Sunday School anymore
-That I really am going to miss all of my "kids"... I love you guys- seriously I do
-That I really loved this outfit and wished I would have worn it more than 3 hours
-That all I want to do today is watch episodes of Duck Dynasty and The New Girl
-To not have done anything crafty since husband left
-That there is a gorgeous loaf of homemade bread in the kitchen that I want to eat in it's entirety
-To wear what you love even if no one else does
-That I am pretty sure another pair of TOMS needs to be in my closet
-To have some junk-in-the-trunk
-That mom and I have already started packing for Disneyland
-To be having a really hard time coming up with more ideas for husband's birthday
-That when I need a good laugh I just need to watch "honey boo boo child"
-To really really really not like Chemistry
-To take a nap with your dog

What's OK with you today?

1 comment:

Lindsay Nicole said...

I love all of these! Love your outfit, LOVE/obsessed with New Girl,Love naps with a cuddling pet.. Its ok :)