Monday, April 9, 2012

It's OK...

I am so excited for today
Yes I am aware that it's Monday... why am I excited for today?
I don't have to go to Chemistry
I know... it's crazy. By the time I go back we will have had an almost 2 week{!?} spring break
So today is a glad day

It's OK...
-That I have Hunter Wellies in Red and that I want them in Pink too
-To think that "Scooter" is an awesome name for a fish... if I ever had a fish... which I don't intend to... but still
-That husband's version of winter clothes come from The North Face and REI... and mine come from J Crew (mostly)
-That I am so excited that I only have 39 days left until I see husband... It makes me feel like I am on Survivor... 39 days on an island with only a bowl of rice to eat (in the days when it began now they get food...cheaters)... I would say my 39 days are a lot cushier... but... I guess I could go on Survivor for these next 39 days and potentially win a million dollars. Maybe I will give CBS a call.
-To crack up everytime Leandro (on my BBL instructor) says, "sexy"... he sounds more like "sect-say" and it makes me feel dumb even though no one is watching.
-That I really want to have my eyebrows threaded... but I am a little freaked out to actually do it
-That I am afraid I might OD on chevron (fear not husband talked me in to waiting to buy stuff for our home until we move)
-To feel like the girls who write the cute blogs I read are my real friends
-That I have giant calves and there isn't a thing I can do about it... it just means I am muscular.
-That I am still contemplating Zooey Deschanel bangs... thoughts? I get my hair cut on Wednesday
-To need to see Titanic in 3D even though I have seen it a bazillion times.

(Dress: Shabby Apple, Alice. Shoes: Steve Madden. Necklace: J Crew)

What's OK with you today?

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diary of this girl - megan said...

i definitely feel like most of my blog friends are real friends :) and i MUST see titanic in 3d, too! also, i recently tried eyebrow threading, and i promise it is not as bad as you might think!! slightly uncomfortable because at one point you must stretch your eyelid a bit (so they can get the baby hairs), but it feels as though someone is combing your face.