Thursday, April 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

(Boots: Hunter. Pants: Hudson. Top: True Religion)

-When people talk to you and their breath stinks and you try to back away to give yourself some breathing room but they keep moving towards you... really? I am moving away for a reason...
-How I can never seem to park Devin's big ol' truck (that I am now driving daily) in the first try. Please excuse me while I back this baby up and try again.
-This girl (I think it was a girl?) in the tanning bed next to me was listening to some crazy disco techo music and singing along... I am so glad you know all the words to that song... weird
-When my chemistry teacher asked me if I was one of Santa's litt'e helpers...
-Yesterday when I called to make our Disney princess breakfast reservations and the guy asked, "How many adults and how many children"... I had to reply "Um... yeah... no children... just 2 adults..."
-Someone told me they liked my boot yesterday and I said "thanks! I just bought them in pink!" and they said, "Aren't those ones pink"... no... no they aren't... duh.
-That zigzag boy told me to give him an "air high five" yesterday... and I did it... what was I thinking!? Who gives air high fives? No one... except me apparently.

-I actually cooked TWICE yesterday...
-36 days until I see my husband
-35 days until I am done with chemistry
-I think the Brazil Butt Lift is working
-So far I have gotten all A's on my anatomy assignments
-Next week at this time I will be at Disneyland
-I FINALLY got a hair cut... ok it was a trim but it still counts
-When husband calls just to tell me he loves me
-Have I mentioned that tomorrow is Friday? Because it is...

Happy Thursday my friends! Woohoo!


Elisabeth said...

love the boots. and CLEARLY those aren't pink. but i'm excited to see the pink ones :)

and disney will be so so much fun!

Meghan said...

A Disney princess breakfast? I would so go without kids, too! :)