Thursday, April 5, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

-A bird totally crapped on my head on Monday. I don't know how you can get much more awkward than that. I have only ever been pooped on once and I was a freshman in high school and it was on my sleeve and I was on my way home. This was different. I was on my way to chemistry lecture. Needless to say I missed it and subsituted it for a long shower with a tripple hair wash.
-Studying with my lab partner (who is a girl... Hi Breanna!) and a boy (named Sal) who we had never studied with before and Breanna and I start telling funny stories and we both end up craking up and laughing so hard we are crying. So there we are crying our little eyes out to which Sal says, "There is no way you guys are going to get me to cry with you!" Poor guy.
-When someone you don't know waves to you and you wave back thinking, "Oh cool someone is being nice and friednly" only to find out their best friend is walking right behind you.
-That husband told me that my butt looked like a saggy diaper in the bathing suit I ordered online (I sent him a picture). Thanks honey. Yeah there is no way I am going to keep a suit that looks good from the front (and ok from the back mind you) but that looks like a "saggy diaper" from the side. Diet for me.

-Getting off work while the sun is still out!
-Disneyland in t minus 2 weeks
-Today is pay day
-Um... have I mentioned that I work by the ocean? Yeah thats pretty awesome
-ZUMBA! Seriously if you haven't tried it you are totally missing out
-That Breanna brought me dinner last night! It was fabulous
-My Easter dress
-42 days until this semester is over!
-43 days until I see husband

-Tomorrow is FRIDAY! 
(Shoes: Rocketdog. Pants: Hudson. Top: Modcloth)

Happy Thursday lovelies!


Alyx said...

No freaking way - a bird pooped on your head??? Tell me you're joking! I would DIE!

Amanda said...

Getting pooped on is for sure awkward. At least you realized you were pooped on before you made it to class. That would've really sucked to show up to class with poop on your head and someone say, "uhhh have crap in your hair!"

Sam said...

Speaking of birds, i had a bird fly into my car the other day why i was parked and it hit me square in the fourhead and then the windshield. lol By the way, you are rocking that outfit!