Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lust List: The Girl On Fire

If you are anything like me... then you loved The Hunger Games
If you didn't -I don't want to know
I read the books 3 times and I am pretty sure I will see the movie that many times while it is still in theaters... Hey give me a break my husband is out of town I have to have something to do besides work and school.
Anyway- I adore Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss! I think she is perfect for the part. And um... hello she is a normal size!?!? Thank you Hollywood for finally giving us someone who doesn't look like a skeleton.
As soon as the movie started... I wanted that Katniss Everdeen look...
So I found some things to help us channel our inner Katniss... because while I want her boots (and her archery skills!) I definitely don't want her drama.

#1. Frye Melissa tall lace up boots

In one of her very first scenes Katniss wears awesome lace up hunting boots. I immediately turned to my friend Sarah and told her "OH my gosh all of a sudden I have to have lace up boots!" And I have been obsessing over these ever since!

#2. Cole Haan belted leather jacket
Cole Haan Belted <em>Leather Jacket Womens</em> Saddle Size 10
Yes... I know Katniss' jacket didn't look exactly like this but it's pretty close... plus I love the belted look this jacket has.

#3. Katniss' reaping day dress
This dress is by Sutton Studio (I have never heard of them). It isn't the exact blue of Katniss' dress but it is a simliar style. And who doesn't love a great shirtwaist dress? I think this dress would be super cute at the beach!

#4. Capitol nail polish
China glaze did an entire line on THG and its fabulous! I love this one called "Smoke and Ashes". I just wish I would have bought it before the movie came out! Oh well.

#5. The Katniss braid
Pinned Image
I did this on my hair a few days ago and I LOVED it. Seriously its so easy. Click HERE for a tutorial but if you can french braid you don't really need it. I love that braids are so in right now because they are quick, easy and stylish.

Happy Saturday my friends!!!


Kieren said...

I love the Katniss braid! When we were watching the movie, my SIL leaned over and said,"You could totally do that braid." I'm so glad she mentioned it, because I would never have tried to recreate it! I did it the next morning and have been rocking it almost every day since. It's super easy, but looks a lot fancier!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love those boots! I've been trying to find the nail polish forever but it's always been sold out!