Monday, March 26, 2012

It's OK...

{top: modcloth. pants: express. shoes: enzo angiolini}

Dear Monday, I must admit that I am not sad to see you today... because I no longer have to go to job #1 and I will be celebrating by sewing... so there.

It's OK...
-That I saw The Hunger Games more than once...
-To go to Sephora and only buy mascara
-That since husband left I have been sleeping with bear spray and a bibi gun by the bed. I am also looking for my old softball bat to add to my arsenal.
-To spend the majority of the rainy weekend in sweats
-That I tried on a bathing suit and immediately after ordered the Brazillian Butt Lift
-That I had to send back super cute bathing suit because it made my bootay look all crazy
-To still be a little unsure about the color orange
-That I have still yet to get a hair cut since last... um... August?
-To be grossed out by feet
-That my pinterest wardrobe is better than my actual wardrobe
-That I am terrified of having ugly childen... I think that is a legit concern
-To not have an iPhone or a MAC... for now
-That I ate cereal for dinner last night

What's OK with you today?


mrsj said...

Cereal for dinner is a must with the husband is away!

LoriLynn said...

I think your top is super ok, so ok that I totally need it LOL! You look stunning girly and I am super jealous you saw HG more than once! I saw it on Saturday but I hope I can see it at least once more at the theater! LOVED IT! XO Lori

Amanda said...

I hate feet too. So gross! And I'm a firm believer that everyone's pinterest wardrobe is sooo much better than their actual one. I need someone to take me on a mad shopping spree.

anna said...

love this outfit! so darling!!


Diane's Photography said...

love your outfit Whitney and enjoyed your coming over to sew as always :D