Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I find that Pinteresting...

I started a second job yesterday... Yes... I am crazy
BUT my job has a window overlooking the ocean
Not such a bad view right? Right
And I love the cute girls I work with
Now that I have this second job I have almost zero time to do anything except work and school... And sometimes sleep
So for today's "Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!!" I decided to share
"Things I wish I had time to do"

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I have been looking for a new wreath to make since I had to take my Valentine's Day one down (once it reached March 1st) and this one fits the bill. I love it and so does husband! He likes that it is a rectangle and not round like most wreaths. I like it because it says "spring" without screaming it at you. I might just have to make this on my school work "breaks". VIA

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To me this just says "let's have a party". Does it say that to you? It should. It's like a fantastic sprinkle topped table cloth... and it's DIY. AND its easy. VIA

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This bow pillow tutorial has been on my "to do list" for-freaking-ever and I have yet to do it... You may now call me a slacker if you wish... but I still really want to make it. My goal? Actually make two of them before we move. VIA

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I know you know that I love to bake... so I am pretty sure this cupcake oven mitt needs to be a part of my kitchen army (yes army). Because seriously who doesn't love cupcakes? And who doesn't need another oven mitt? VIA

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Yes I am aware that it is March... I just can't get over how cute this stocking is! Although Devin wouldn't be happy with me about getting/making new one (since we have stockings already) I like these a bit better than the ones we bought (ok I like them a lot more). And who says you can't have two of everything? VIA

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I really want to bake... but my waistline doesn't want me to... So I probably won't for a long time. But seriously doesn't this salted caramel lava cake look fabulous? Yes.... yes it does. VIA

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Zooey Deschanel. I really wish I had time to watch The New Girl... I also wish I had the time to get my hair cut like hers. It's because of that show I now say things like "has anyone seen my driving moccasins?" and "we built this schmidty on Tootsie rolls"

What are you guys pinning this week? Better yet what do you wish you had time for?

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Courtney Johnson said...

OH MY YUM that lava cake looks to die for.