Tuesday, March 27, 2012

From the Husband

Today we have a "guest post"... well... ok... he isn't really a guest as he is my husband
But let's face it... he isn't into blogging
So yesterday when I get an email from him saying "Guest Post"
I was intrigued...

Hey love bug so on my drive I was thinking of things that I have learned on the drive, i didn't write them all down but here are a few that I remember. I think I will remember more but I was going to post them to facebook but thought you might enjoy them for your blog. PS-I love you so mucho

I have learned many things on my road trip acorss the country I would like to point out a few of these in the next few posts. Starting with...

#1. I miss my wife a ton and our dog Lucy

#2. I need to see my family and friends more often

#3. I have around 6000 songs on my ipod most of which I could delete

#4. Semi trucks should never be allowed to pass other semi trucks when there are only 2 lanes

#5. Although I despise getting my car emissions checked in CA every year i realize it is not a bad thing after driving 20 miles behind a truck that burned a quart of oil every mile

#6. I need to update my GPS maps

#7. Even if you drive 1500 miles having a cop follow you for 5 of those miles is annoying

#8. Sprint has the worst coverage ever

I love you husband! We miss you tons over here. And I think you really should delete the majority of those song of your ipod... just sayin' ;-)


Anonymous said...

Best post yet!

Diane's Photography said...

That was great fun post! you have a super duper husband Whitney!

Page Twenty-Two said...

This is really cute:) Love it!

Elisabeth said...

this is so cute :) i've been trying to get ben to guest post forever... i'm thinking imay have finally gotten him to agree to guest post while i'm gone next week..we'll see :)

why is he roadtripping without you?

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, very cute. Totally agree about the trucks passing.