Thursday, March 15, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

(Shoes: Macys. Pants: Hudson's. Tshirt: Downeastbasics. Sweater: J Crew. Scarf: Gift. Glasses: Nicole Miller high society in black)

-Having to go back and finish a job after giving your 2 weeks notice. Seriously... I really really really don't like it. Because everyone has to say something like, "well... since you're leaving!" (Yes I quit job #1... have 2 jobs + school is way too much).
- Devin has started bringing stuff home from work to clean out his office. I was looking at his pile and I saw something that said "coug... drops" and I said, "What the heck are cougar drops!?" Yeah... not my smartest moment. Duh... cough drops Whit... cough drops. 
 -Ugh... when a cop car pulls up next to you at a stop light and you know they are looking at you... you can feel it. You know they are just waiting for you to grab your cell phone and take a little sneaky peaky... I did not take a sneaky peaky I played with the radio. They decided that I wasn't going to do anything worth watching so they drove away. Stop staring lame-o's!
-I officially have an issue with deodorants. Yesterday as I was putting it on I ran out of my nice girl smelling one... after only deodorizing one arm! So I had to use "swagger" once again...but only on one arm. Please stand on my left if you wish for me to smell like a girl, if you would like for me to smell like a boy pleace proceed to my right side. What's worse? I had to wear "swagger" again today. Sigh.
-That Lucy's head is in the bottom two photos. Please excuse her... this was right after we got home so she was very excited.

(see look there is Lucy's head! sorry guys)

-Apple cinnamon cheerios. They changed my (breakfast) life.
-Watching "who do you think you are" with my family and my dad sees that Paula Deen will be on there next to which he said, "Paula Deen!? Her only relatives are BUTTER!" haha
-Camping on the beach last weekend! I promise there will be a post about that soon!
-When husband asks if he can go to Joann's with me
-In one week I will be getting in line to watch THE HUNGER GAMES!
-When you get home from work and your husband says, "Look at you cute girl!" I love that :-)
(oh look! there she is again in the corner)

Happy Thursday my friends!!!  

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Emily said...

love love love apple cinnamon cheerios! have you tried the new caramel cheerios? dulce de leche i think. Ahhhhhmazing