Monday, March 19, 2012

# 25 on the bucket list

(our truck (aka "Brody") and our camper)

Remember how I told you we went beach camping (or camping on the beach?) Well I didn't lie... it really happened... And here are some pictures to prove it!

We went with our cute friends Sarah and Zach and had an absolute blast!
I sure am glad that these two will be living a short (ahem) hour and a half from us when we move!
I forsee some serious weekend fun in our near future

We had hot dogs and smores and roasted starbursts {!?} what in the world have I been missing all these years living in California!? Apparently a lot...

We played the longest game of Uno ever, stayed up well past all of our old-married-people bed times,  and woke up to a gorgeous morning and had a nice long walk on said beach that we slept on {above (?)} and collected as many sand dollars as we could fit into our pockets.

I sure am going to miss this place... I have spent the majority of my life here!

I mean... who wouldn't miss this gorgeous view? We sure are lucky to live where we do

Look at that cute man of mine. Goodness I love him tons. Sigh. Tomorrow is the day you guys. Tomorrow he leaves. I made us both count down charts. I can already tell that tomorrow is going to be a rough one.

Happy Monday!

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Emily said...

roasted starbursts?? no way! must try, asap.