Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lust List: The Girl On Fire

If you are anything like me... then you loved The Hunger Games
If you didn't -I don't want to know
I read the books 3 times and I am pretty sure I will see the movie that many times while it is still in theaters... Hey give me a break my husband is out of town I have to have something to do besides work and school.
Anyway- I adore Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss! I think she is perfect for the part. And um... hello she is a normal size!?!? Thank you Hollywood for finally giving us someone who doesn't look like a skeleton.
As soon as the movie started... I wanted that Katniss Everdeen look...
So I found some things to help us channel our inner Katniss... because while I want her boots (and her archery skills!) I definitely don't want her drama.

#1. Frye Melissa tall lace up boots

In one of her very first scenes Katniss wears awesome lace up hunting boots. I immediately turned to my friend Sarah and told her "OH my gosh all of a sudden I have to have lace up boots!" And I have been obsessing over these ever since!

#2. Cole Haan belted leather jacket
Cole Haan Belted <em>Leather Jacket Womens</em> Saddle Size 10
Yes... I know Katniss' jacket didn't look exactly like this but it's pretty close... plus I love the belted look this jacket has.

#3. Katniss' reaping day dress
This dress is by Sutton Studio (I have never heard of them). It isn't the exact blue of Katniss' dress but it is a simliar style. And who doesn't love a great shirtwaist dress? I think this dress would be super cute at the beach!

#4. Capitol nail polish
China glaze did an entire line on THG and its fabulous! I love this one called "Smoke and Ashes". I just wish I would have bought it before the movie came out! Oh well.

#5. The Katniss braid
Pinned Image
I did this on my hair a few days ago and I LOVED it. Seriously its so easy. Click HERE for a tutorial but if you can french braid you don't really need it. I love that braids are so in right now because they are quick, easy and stylish.

Happy Saturday my friends!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I find that Pinteresting...

Sorry this is late my friends...
I just took the Chemistry test from you-know-where
Sigh... but... on a brighter note the end of that class signals the beginning of Spring break!

Oh and P.S. I am still obsessing over The Hunger Games... I think I need to see it again... and I am pretty sure I should be in the next movie... I'm just sayin' ...

Pinned Image
Oh... and speaking of THG... I love this. I'm not even kidding. I need it. I don't know where I will put it... but I need it. If someone knows where I can buy it please tell me and I will love you forever mmmk? VIA

Pinned Image
How stinkin' cute is this lovely outfit? I am dying over that pink pleated skirt. Would this outfit make me look hippy (as in the non 1960s version... I am talking wide in the hips)... probably but I still love it. VIA

Pinned Image
My friend Sarah says I am a little obsessed with Chevron at the moment... and I have to agree. This blanket really really wants to come over and cover our cold leather couch... But I really must be selective on my Chevron home decor.. too much of a good thing is just too much (hence why I haven't decided if I want the blanket or if I want to make pillows...) VIA

Pinned Image
Remember that anthropologie shower curtain I have been lusting after drooling over for forever? Well I found its pillow counterpart and I think this is a much more managable project. Plus you know I love me some ruffles.  VIA

Pinned Image
I think I just gained 10 pounds by looking at this... Chocolate chip cookie??? Cheesecake??? WHY cann't dessert be zero calories and not make you fat? I mean really. Sheesh... good thing I am not eating sweets while husband is gone... sigh. VIA

Pinned Image
I know I swore I would never make another duvet cover... But... I think I might have told a fib (it's like a little lie)... Even husband loved this! VIA

Pinned Image
This is my favorite thing I have pinned this week. A certain cutehandsomefabulouswonderful man in my life is having a birthday soon... and I have been planning a little something for him (and I really mean little because I will be flying out to see him 2 days before his birthday and we will be driving home on the actual day of his birthday)... so now I have to figure out how to get a helium tank on the plane with me thanks to this pin. Husband if you are reading this I haven't been planning anything.VIA

What are your favorite pins this week!?

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P.S. (again) I started the Brazillian Butt Lift today...I am either going to die from too much gluteus maximus or my backside is going to be rockin'.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

From the Husband

Today we have a "guest post"... well... ok... he isn't really a guest as he is my husband
But let's face it... he isn't into blogging
So yesterday when I get an email from him saying "Guest Post"
I was intrigued...

Hey love bug so on my drive I was thinking of things that I have learned on the drive, i didn't write them all down but here are a few that I remember. I think I will remember more but I was going to post them to facebook but thought you might enjoy them for your blog. PS-I love you so mucho

I have learned many things on my road trip acorss the country I would like to point out a few of these in the next few posts. Starting with...

#1. I miss my wife a ton and our dog Lucy

#2. I need to see my family and friends more often

#3. I have around 6000 songs on my ipod most of which I could delete

#4. Semi trucks should never be allowed to pass other semi trucks when there are only 2 lanes

#5. Although I despise getting my car emissions checked in CA every year i realize it is not a bad thing after driving 20 miles behind a truck that burned a quart of oil every mile

#6. I need to update my GPS maps

#7. Even if you drive 1500 miles having a cop follow you for 5 of those miles is annoying

#8. Sprint has the worst coverage ever

I love you husband! We miss you tons over here. And I think you really should delete the majority of those song of your ipod... just sayin' ;-)

Monday, March 26, 2012

It's OK...

{top: modcloth. pants: express. shoes: enzo angiolini}

Dear Monday, I must admit that I am not sad to see you today... because I no longer have to go to job #1 and I will be celebrating by sewing... so there.

It's OK...
-That I saw The Hunger Games more than once...
-To go to Sephora and only buy mascara
-That since husband left I have been sleeping with bear spray and a bibi gun by the bed. I am also looking for my old softball bat to add to my arsenal.
-To spend the majority of the rainy weekend in sweats
-That I tried on a bathing suit and immediately after ordered the Brazillian Butt Lift
-That I had to send back super cute bathing suit because it made my bootay look all crazy
-To still be a little unsure about the color orange
-That I have still yet to get a hair cut since last... um... August?
-To be grossed out by feet
-That my pinterest wardrobe is better than my actual wardrobe
-That I am terrified of having ugly childen... I think that is a legit concern
-To not have an iPhone or a MAC... for now
-That I ate cereal for dinner last night

What's OK with you today?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dear Husband,

My love,
I miss you. And I miss us.
Nothing seems to work right now that you are gone
I know... you have only been gone 2 days
It's still hard for me though
I don't think it will ever be easy.
Just thinking about it makes me weepy
And I know you hate that this makes me sad
And that there isn't anything that either of us can do about it
But nothing seems to work right now that you are gone
Our computer gave the blue screen of death (no I am not trying to kill it to get a MAC)
Lucy is so so so sad too- she keeps giving me the cow eyes and wandering to your side of the bed
And I am not even sure I am working right with you gone
As soon as you drove away I got this overwhelming sense of emptiness
Our home is emtpy... your side of the bed is empty
And that is still how I feel... empty
Except in those few breif moments when I hear your voice
That voice is like my life line
It keeps me going
I am so sad we didn't get skype to work last night
Those few seconds when I saw your face completely made my day
You are the love of my life
I never understood that until we met
But you really are Zufelt... you are the best part of my whole life
And I love you more than anything
I am so glad that we get to be together forever...
57 days...

I appologize the absence of Awkward and Awesome's today...
And my general lack of bloggin' skills as of late
I hope you can forgive me

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pinterest made me buy it

With husband being gone {:-(} I realized that my way of coping with it has been by shopping...
Well I mean can you blame me? I didn't find a single thing to buy while we were out shopping for my birthday... So I still had my birthday money when all this cute stuff started popping up on Pinterest... and it gave me "shopping online fever"
I told husband that I had "shopping online fever" and he asked how high my fever was..
I said, "pretty high"
So here is a peak of some of my recent pinterest purchases

Pinned Image
I saw this dress and I knew I had to have it! It is on its way here and I just hope it looks as cute on me as it does this model! VIA

Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece in Red
I finally bought this little number... we will see how it goes... I don't have any one pieces (shame on me!) so I am a bit nervous but it got great reviews! VIA

Pinned Image
Ok ok you already know I have this... but I love it! I am dying to get the other colors. I am beginning to have a {healthy} obession with chevron. VIA

Pinned Image
Polka dot bobby pins! I wear bobby pins daily and it drives my mom nuts because I wear the normal brown ones... I think she will be happy to see these in my hair very soon! VIA

Trans-Atlantic Voyage Top
I have been looking to get a "bow" top. You guys know I love me some bows. This one was so perfectly nautical and summery I just had to (I really did). VIA

Pinned Image
I love Shabby Apple dresses. I have 6. Yes 6. And this is the latest one to join my collection. And I love it. Husband loves it too which makes it even better! VIA
Pinned Image
In honor of the Games beginning tomorrow... My friend Sarah and I both bought these shirts. I can't wait to wear it! VIA

See... I told you I had a fever! Fingers crossed that everything looks great on when it arrives! That's the one thing I do not like about buying online!

What are you pinning this week?

Monday, March 19, 2012

# 25 on the bucket list

(our truck (aka "Brody") and our camper)

Remember how I told you we went beach camping (or camping on the beach?) Well I didn't lie... it really happened... And here are some pictures to prove it!

We went with our cute friends Sarah and Zach and had an absolute blast!
I sure am glad that these two will be living a short (ahem) hour and a half from us when we move!
I forsee some serious weekend fun in our near future

We had hot dogs and smores and roasted starbursts {!?} what in the world have I been missing all these years living in California!? Apparently a lot...

We played the longest game of Uno ever, stayed up well past all of our old-married-people bed times,  and woke up to a gorgeous morning and had a nice long walk on said beach that we slept on {above (?)} and collected as many sand dollars as we could fit into our pockets.

I sure am going to miss this place... I have spent the majority of my life here!

I mean... who wouldn't miss this gorgeous view? We sure are lucky to live where we do

Look at that cute man of mine. Goodness I love him tons. Sigh. Tomorrow is the day you guys. Tomorrow he leaves. I made us both count down charts. I can already tell that tomorrow is going to be a rough one.

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Copy Cat

Yes I am a copy cat. Admit it... I am not the only one {right!?} Remember when I showed you THIS cute wreath that I was dying to make? Well last week I promised myself that if I finished my homework {yes I make promises to myself} that I could go to Joann's and get started.

Funny how a little bit of motivation can get you moving. I was so excited I came home, postponed making dinner for.. um... a half hour... burned my thumb... and starting making fabric flowers {in my kitchen no less}! Husband was encouraging... "It looks good honey! Thank you for making our home look beautiful." I love it when he says that.

I love this little wreath. It really didn't take all that much time... and I love the colors. I just hope no one steals it. Has that ever happened to anyone? Every time I leave the house I worry about that. Is that weird? Probably. But still... all of my other wreaths have survived... so I think I am OK.

OH and P.S. see these little waves in my hair? I got these little babies without any heat or any other deal-i-o ... All I did was twist it and let it air dry. This was at the end of the day but they were even curlier earlier. Mind. Blown.

Happy Friday lovelies! I hope you all have an amazing weekend. I can't wait to hear/read what you all did. OH and Happy (almost) St. Patrick's day! I am reminding you now to wear green so you don't get pinched. Kloveyoubye.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

(Shoes: Macys. Pants: Hudson's. Tshirt: Downeastbasics. Sweater: J Crew. Scarf: Gift. Glasses: Nicole Miller high society in black)

-Having to go back and finish a job after giving your 2 weeks notice. Seriously... I really really really don't like it. Because everyone has to say something like, "well... since you're leaving!" (Yes I quit job #1... have 2 jobs + school is way too much).
- Devin has started bringing stuff home from work to clean out his office. I was looking at his pile and I saw something that said "coug... drops" and I said, "What the heck are cougar drops!?" Yeah... not my smartest moment. Duh... cough drops Whit... cough drops. 
 -Ugh... when a cop car pulls up next to you at a stop light and you know they are looking at you... you can feel it. You know they are just waiting for you to grab your cell phone and take a little sneaky peaky... I did not take a sneaky peaky I played with the radio. They decided that I wasn't going to do anything worth watching so they drove away. Stop staring lame-o's!
-I officially have an issue with deodorants. Yesterday as I was putting it on I ran out of my nice girl smelling one... after only deodorizing one arm! So I had to use "swagger" once again...but only on one arm. Please stand on my left if you wish for me to smell like a girl, if you would like for me to smell like a boy pleace proceed to my right side. What's worse? I had to wear "swagger" again today. Sigh.
-That Lucy's head is in the bottom two photos. Please excuse her... this was right after we got home so she was very excited.

(see look there is Lucy's head! sorry guys)

-Apple cinnamon cheerios. They changed my (breakfast) life.
-Watching "who do you think you are" with my family and my dad sees that Paula Deen will be on there next to which he said, "Paula Deen!? Her only relatives are BUTTER!" haha
-Camping on the beach last weekend! I promise there will be a post about that soon!
-When husband asks if he can go to Joann's with me
-In one week I will be getting in line to watch THE HUNGER GAMES!
-When you get home from work and your husband says, "Look at you cute girl!" I love that :-)
(oh look! there she is again in the corner)

Happy Thursday my friends!!!  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!!

Pinterest Pinterest bo Binterest banana fanana fo Finterest me my mo Minterest... Pinterest
(I actually wanted that to be my title for this post but.. It was a bit long)
Haha playing the "name game" was a favorite of mine when I was younger
That is until my sister's would trick me and have me do the name "Chuck"
{Jerks} that's what I get for being the youngest
I still love you all though

Anyway the name game isn't the point today the point is sharing with you my latest pinterest loves...

Pinned Image
I have been seeing these gorgeous polka dot jeans all over pinterest lately by Current/Elliott. They are a bit out of my price range (at a whoping $200) so if anyone knows where I can get a similar (cheaper!) pair let me know! VIA 

 Pinned Image
I adore this shelf! I think it would be perfect in an office. I love all the vintage camera ads although I must say that this photo had me at "1,2,3" because I think that is just stinkin' cute. VIA

Pinned Image
This pin was uploaded by its user so I don't know where it originated from but it is so ridiculously true. I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

Pinned Image
I love when you find outfits and you think "that is so totally me!" that is what happened when I saw this little lovely ensamble. I adore that she is wear sandals too. A girl after my own heart. VIA

Pinned Image
Easter is just around the corner and I am loving these chalkboard eggs! I never ever eat or use the eggs I buy for easter eggs anyway and these look like so much fun! Plus I hate trying to draw designs on the eggs with that white crayon (anyone else no like that?) My drawings always come out all skattywhompus. VIA

Pinned Image
If you ever wonder if you are overdressed... you aren't... if you ever wonder if you are overeducated... you aren't. Amen! VIA

Pinned Image
It wouldn't be Wednesday if I didn't share a naughty dessert with you. These one's remind me of the kind we get at Sprinkles. I am dying to make them... but I promised myself I would not bake for atleast a month... I am at 2 weeks so far. VIA

What are you pinning this week?