Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Very Pinteresting Things

Pinterest has become my "I need a break" time
Kinda like eating a kitkat... only less calories
Unless you look at food (which is what I usually end up pinning)
And that can get dangerous

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Hello future birthday cake... I think I will be making you myself! VIA
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This bag... I am dying over this bag! Only $35!? Shut the front door. VIA

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This had me dying laughing...  VIA

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Please tell me you love these glitter bottles as much as me!? Definitely on my "to do" list. VIA 

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This is just too cute! I think it needs to go in the office that I don't have {ha!} VIA

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Ombre nails!!! VIA

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6 days until Valentine's Day... I love all the cute love stuff going around right now VIA

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Chevron stamps. I already have 6 projects lined up for these beauties! VIA

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Page Twenty-Two said...

HAHAHAHA that croc quote is SO great...and I love that pink birthday cake - I WANT!! Yum! Great pins!

Diane's Photography said...

Love the pink birthday cake! ohhh, and the purse too!

Mama and her boys said...

now following you on pinterest! :) I LOVE the glitter bottles. what could I use them for though? hmmm...?

christine donee said...

... and the amount of food I look it is, indeed, so dangerous.