Thursday, February 16, 2012


Happy {a few day's late} Valentine's Day!
My friend Sarah and I went and saw The Vow on Valentine's day
That movie is just plain sad! Seriously... sad... And I wasn't all that thrilled with how it ended.
Husband and I stayed in and ate panera and I baked my crack cookies.
Super romantic I know
{my pink ombre cupcakes with redvelt frosting}
We had our Valentine's day on Saturday
Husband surprised me with new shoes {woohoo!} and bought me a new pair for the dance as well {see Monday's post for those beauties!}
I also go a new hand mixer... because I killed my last one
{I love this new kitchenaide handmixer! I have used it twice since Saturday...}
We went out to dinner at Olive Garden... which we never ever go to
But somethin' about that salad and breadsticks was totally calling my name
I attempted pink ombre cupcakes with red velvet frosting
And we danced an hour and half of our night away
{thank you husband for my new lucky brand flats!}

Husband isn't really in to dancing
The only time he dances with me is in our kitchen
So I was really suprised when he actually wanted to go
And he even said, "thanks for making me go tonight love"
{night before the dance settin' up the baloon wall}
My day yesterday was also made 10x better because I received my first birthday present from my sister Shannon... I did a "WHOOP!" when I opened the box!
"How did you know!?" I asked
"I read your blog!" she said
My family rocks. Love you Shanny!
{my first birthday present! I LOVE THESE!!!!}
Hope your Valentine's day was filled with love and sugar. I know mine was.
Awkward and Awesome to come a little later on


Diane's Photography said...

p.s. I love your shoes and your new hand mixer too :D

Diane's Photography said...

I had a great Valentines day! Mike and I went to Brad's for brunch then walked the pismo pier, it was so beautiful but cold. Mike even smooched me on the pier when no one was looking :D we did what we like to do best, be together. Glad you had a fantastic Valentines Day. Love you too

Daisy said...

Love those mugs! I'm hoping to get some for the wedding. It looks like you had a great valentines.

Jessica L. said...

Love the mustache mug! So cute!-Jessica

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Glad to hear you had a fun Valentine's Day! I saw the Vow too and wasn't thrilled with how it ended.