Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!!!

You guys, I'm so sorry I haven't blogged very much (or on schedule) lately
Not that you are sad about me not posting... I kind of am though
Life has just been... really hard this past month... And I haven't really felt like blogging :-(
BUT I am here today and I am here to give you my favorite pins this week for Oh, How Pinteresting!!! Wednesday

My theme this week is "Thing's I am dying to make!" Food edition

Pinned Image
S'mores truffles!!!! I adore s'mores... these are a MUST! Seriously... Who wants to come over and eat these with me? VIA

Pinned Image
I love all things red velvet. This red velvet "cheese ball"!?!?!? Someone pinch me. I see a red velvet party in the near future. VIA

Pinned Image
Is it a cookie? Is it a cake? Is it a pie!? It's all 3! VIA

Pinned Image
I lied earlier. I want this as my birthday cake instead. MmmmK? Ok. Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake! VIA

Pinned Image
Funfetti isn't my favorite cake... but husband loves it... and these cookies look adorable... and sprinkles make everything better! It's a YES for me! VIA

Pinned Image
Ok I had to put one that isn't as naughty as the others! Fruit salsa with baked cinnamon chips! VIA

Oh Pinterest.... I heart you!


Michelle P said...

All of this food looks good!

LoriLynn said...

Fruit salsa with cinnamon chips....holy crap I need to try that's healthy because it has fruit right?! (that was in my best regina george voice) XO Lori

Mama and her boys said...

YUM!!! I hope you are doing ok. hugs!

Lauren said...

Oh yum!! It all looks wonderful but my faves would be the Smore truffles and the cheesecake. Soooo tasty!!

Courtney Johnson said...

WOW. You just made me insta-hungry. And I am happy your back.

Fash Boulevard said...

ooo the fruit salsa looks delish. amazing post, love. if you get a sec I have a fabulous giveaway valued at $634.50 that I'd love for you to enter. xo

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay said...

Hey Girly,
Sorry you had a tough few weeks... hope things get better soon :)

Lindsay Nicole said...

I think I just went into a diabetic coma..... wow


PS... Hope you enter my AWESOME giveaway!!