Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!!! Home edition

Guys... it's official. We are moving. Yeah I know... we have been "moving" for the past few months...
But really... no joke... it's happening
I was in denial about it until husband called yesterday
And we are going
My mom is going to freak out
SO with that... I thought to share some of my favorite "home" ideas from Pinterest
seeing as how we will be living in a different place soon
If only we had unlimited funds for pinterest ideas and projects...

Pinned Image
I have been obsessing over a couch like this. I don't know why really it doesn't look very comfortable... but I still want one! VIA

Pinned Image
Usually I am a pink girl but I love the grey with the purple! And the chevron art? Love it. VIA

Pinned Image
Say hello to our future office... maybe. I adore the Tiffany blue and the white! It just looks so clean. VIA

Pinned Image
How cute is this? I am pretty sure we will need one in our backyard... but probably not in purple. VIA

Pinned Image
Ok... let's be honest...This laundry room might actually make me WANT to do laundry... maybe. VIA

Pinned Image
This isn't just a want. This is a necessity... That way I can rid our counters of all my makeup. It's a win win! I get a cute vanity... husband gets counter space haha! VIA

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We will be moving somewhere that has snow {snow!?} which means I will freeze the entire time. This cable knit blanket is exactly what I want to cuddle up with {and husband} in front of a roaring fire. VIA

What are you pinning this week?



Alyx said...

I love that knit blanket so much!!!

Samantha said...

That laundry room would definitely make me want to do laundry. Heck i'd probably want to cook and study in their too, it's THAT cute!

andrea said...

At least if you move to a colder place you can spend more time in your boots & wellies that you love so much.

StaciP said...

My daughter loves the star gazing patio and I love the blanket - can you provide me with the links where they came from? Thanks so much! Staci