Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let them eat {cup}cake{s}

This past week... was not my finest week
On Friday I was just ready to throw in the towel and eat bon-bons and cry
Instead of doing said eating of bon-bons and crying husband took me to LA on Saturday
Which meant we got to go to Sprinkles
And by-golly if cupcakes can't make things better I don't know what can

Sprinkles in Beverly Hills is my favorite place
When I walked in I expected to be disappointed like I had been the last time they hadn't had my salty caramel cupcake. I settled for red velvet and it wasn't fresh at all. Boo.
But no! Not this time. This time after standing in line for 15 minutes {outside}

I walked in
And there they were...
My salty caramel cupcakes
And I was a goner
I looked at Devin... he looked at me...
And I said, "Can we get 6!?"
And he said "YES!"
And we did

Those babies were worth all of the waiting in line, AND {most importantly} the calories wasted on them. Because who wants to eat something bad for them that isn't worth it?
These beauties were fresh, and moist, and stupidly delicious.
Devin ordered dark chocolate
This stemmed a system of you-take-one-bite-and-then-I-take-one-bite

We took the other 4 cupcakes home {no we did not eat all 6 in one sitting ha!}
So on Sunday after the superbowl commericals
When The Voice came on and husband came up stairs
I knew what he had waiting for me...

Raspberry chocolatechip and chocolate peanutbutter cupcakes
And I was in Heaven


Daisy said...

Are those as big as they look! If you're near LA there is a cupcake shop in Whittier called sugar expressions! Those are the best!

Sam said...

Sounds lovely and they look amazing! i want to go there now lol'

Lauren said...

Those look so tasty! And you're right - a cupcake can solve pretty much anything! :)

Emily @ Dashboard Diary said...

mmmmmm the caramel is definitely one of my favorites! can't wait to go to dallas this weekend and get one!

Amanda said...

Salted caramel cupcakes sound amazeballs! And I'd be lying if I didn't say that the first cupcake up there looked like a boob to me at first. I may be crude or have my mind in the gutter but I couldn't let that go...I hope I'm not the only weirdo. Regardless of how it looked, I bet it was tasty.