Monday, February 13, 2012

It's OK...

Sorry this post is late... I have a little bit of a chemistry/school break down this morning... I started my 2 extra upper division classes today...
Every time I think about school right now I just want to cry... and quit... and hide under the covers...
But I can't even though I really want to.

It's OK...
-To not be ready for Monday... or this week for that matter
-To not wear as much makeup as usual
-That I feel like dancing every time I hear Black Eyed Peas, "Imma be"
-To have an entire drawer full of cardigansThat my ombre cupcakes didn't turn out as fabulous as I had imagined
-That husband has to work on my birthday
-That I feel super crazy for deciding to go to grad school
-To love the etrade commercials
-That all I wanted for a snack today was Teddy Grahams
-That is was super windy taking these photos yesterday so my hair looks crazy
-To really really really look forward to watching "The Vow"
-To steal husband pillow when he is no longer in bed
-That I think the only reason my parents invite us over on Sunday's is so that I can bring them treats
-To wonder why in the world husband and I are still teaching the teenagers (in Sunday School) after 2+ years
-To miss watching Rocko's Modern Life, and Legends of the Hidden Temple...
{Shoes: Macy's. Skirt: Gap. Cardi and Headband: J Crew. Belt: Express. Lipstick: MAC Red}

What's OK with you today?


Amanda said...

I loved Rocco's modern life aaannnddd legends of the hidden temple! I'd have to say Doug and Recess were right up there too.

Sam said...

i for one, can't wait to watch the vow!!!


Emily @ Dashboard Diary said...

you can doooooo it! chemistry is fantastic! (not really, just trying to boost your confidence haha) good luck!

Victoria said...

Loving those shoes!!

The E-trade commercials get me every time too;)

diary of this girl - megan said...

you look gorgeous! love this outfit, especially your shoes and headband! hope your week is going a bit better my dear. you can do it!!

Diane's Photography said...

School is scary!!! You can do it :D
and you are still teaching SS because you are good at it!!
love ya