Friday, February 24, 2012

I mustache you a question

Husband is not a fan of the latest mustache trend
He just doesn't get it
He thinks they are weird and ugly
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I don't
I love them
I think they are hilarious
Not real mustache's of course
Just these fake ones
There is just something so funny to me about seeing that silly little mustache
But alas... when my sister sent me these amazing cups with lips and... you guessed it... a mustache
I wanted to leave them out for the world to see
And husband put them away in the cupboard

Needless to say when the Valentine's dance came around
And our friend HEATHER set up a photo booth
I was dying to wear that mustache!
But we didn't...

Until!... we wanted a picture with our friends Sarah and Michael
I looked longingly at the props...
Sarah and I both grabbed mustaches because by golly we were going to wear them
And then Michael picked one up.... And then...
So did Devin
I told him he looks like a bandito

This dance was so much fun!
These girls are awesome
I sure am going to miss them when we move

P.S. We are "team balloon" because we made a balloon wall for the dance... with 1,000 balloons.

Happy Friday friends!


Sam said...

theire fun little things aren't they lol

Samantha said...

How can he not appreciate a good (fake) mustache?! Haha. Actually, i'm pretty sure Ryan doesn't care for them much either. Maybe the mustache craze is a girl thing? Boys are so weird...

Michelle P said...

I think they're hilarious!

Redheaded Daybook said...

omgoodness! this looks like such fun! and staches are rad :) love them. glad devin joined in :)

Mrs. Marcello's Blog said...

So fun! Just found you through Adventures of Newlyweds, hi!

bonbon said...

Well I am on your husband's side! I do not understand the moustaches at all! I hate the whole trend I think it is weird and even kind of creepy. I asked my husband if he thought it was weird the other day and he didn't even know what I was talking about, so now after having read this post I feel much more justified! Glad someone in the world agrees with me!

I tried to follow you on GFC and I could see yoru list of followers but not the button for me to follow? Where is it?


bonbon said...

Just kidding, I'm retarded. I figured out how to follow you :) Really not that difficult...

Miss Amy said...

Be glad he doesn't like that - that means you won't have a hipster wanna be for a husband with a crazy ugly mustache! ;) The fake ones are cute though... ;) Great photobooth pictures!

Lori from A Family's Life said...

Love the mustaches! Great props for a fun party!