Monday, February 27, 2012

How old am I?

(I saw this sign and thought yeah right!)

This weekend... I felt like I was 16 again
It might have something to do with going to Boomer's with our friends
And playing mini golf
Perhaps it was riding in the go-carts

(look at how intense Dev's face is!)

And WOOHOOing my way around the track
and screaming "I'm gunna get you!"
Or... maybe it was the attempt at climbing the rock wall?

(Dev and Sarah tackling the rock wall)

It could have been the dessert party we threw for our Sunday School kids
Who are all 16-17 year olds

(I finally used my "message in the cookie" cutter to make personalized cookies for our kids)

We giggled
And talked about boys... once our only boy in the class left
(He is lucky! 10 to 1 odds for him in that class)

(the spread! red velvet cheese ball, truffles, sugar cookies, cake batter blondies, triple layer brownies, and red velvet cupcakes!)

We played games and ate junk
And laughed until we cried

(paper straws are my new favorite thing!)

 As I get ready for my birthday tomorrow... I realize that getting older sucks in some ways
Because it is no longer socially acceptable for me to have my birthday party at chuckecheese
(although I did get some good skeeball in at boomers)

(if you love red velvet you will love THIS. Don't let the fact that it is called a "cheese ball" throw you. It's amazing!)

It is also freakin' awesome too
Because now I get to have way cooler birthday celebrations at Disneyland
Just like a 5 year old
I might even get my face painted

What did you guys do this weekend?

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Kara said...

Hahah my dad's new job is actually managing at a go-kart track. He really really loves it! And oh my, that cheese ball will be up for the next holiday, get together, whatever comes first! Looks fantastic!