Tuesday, February 21, 2012



Our weekend was filled with Avila Beach.
We put Lucy's hiking shoes on her {yes we are those people}
And only one stayed on the entire hike
We saw gorgeous views of the ocean and even met a few friends along the way
Then we dropped Lulu off at grandma and grandpa's so we could have a date night
We ate at one of my favorite restaurants
And headed to our favorite spot on the beach
To cuddle and watch the stars come out
Husband whispered "I love you! Will you marry me!?"
Becuase we were in the exact spot he said both of those things
We ate the best ice cream you can get on the central coast {doc bernsteins!}
And busted out our google sky app to check out constellations

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Can you believe I didn't bake a single thing!?
I know... its crazy


Samantha said...

Haha! I love Lucy's hiking booties!!

Amanda said...

does she walk funny with those shoes on?? I've seen youtube videos where dogs do crazy dances trying to get shoes off...they are sooo funny!

Daisy said...

Those shoes are so adorable! You and your husband are so cute. That app is so neat to look at!

Emily @ Dashboard Diary said...

your dog looks like myyyy dog in that pic! she's precious! we have actually discussed getting dog shoes for Charlie too, but we agreed he probably wouldn't cooperate very well! I'm dying to know how lucy feels about them haha