Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Favorites

I know I showed you guys these cups already... but I can't help it... They are just too cute not to share
My friend Breanna came over this morning and we had peppermint tea in these little cuties (she let me use the mustache)
Which made our tea that much better

Oh and remember the cookie cutter I told you about?
The "message in a cookie" one?
Yeah... well... It's now in my possession
And I have been itching to try it out
Sugar cookie dough is now chillin' in my fridge for this specific reason

AND last but not least... My kitchenaid and I are learning to be better friends
It is so big... and intimidating... but... alas... I love it
And besides it makes me feel totally professional and gourmet
Which as we all know... I am none of the above

Have a fabulous Friday my friends! Enjoy your weekend and eat something sugary for me k? Ok. 


Daisy said...

Haha! I am really hoping I get a kitchen aid mixer for the wedding!! Those cups are too adorable ( I hope I get those too). haha

Diane's Photography said...

Love the cups and the kitchen aid and, and, the cookie cutters. I'm excited to use mine too...