Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

{Hello NikonD7000...}
-Apparently people are still having "Whitney Houston" issues. When I emailed my school this morning I got an email back said, "Dear Ms. Houston"... no... no that is not me.
-Walking to the grocery store the other day and this man hollers, "I love your glasses!" Me: Thanks. Man: "You are as cute as hell!" Me: I am pretty sure hell isn't very cute...
-The guy in my chem class who decized he would not only get zigzag details in his hair... but that it would be awesome to zigzag his entire beard. This is the same one who said my green pants reminded him of his ninja turtle shirt. I have a feeling we won't be very good friends.
-That all I want to do is bake... and workout.... I would say that's conflicting interests...
-When I got my oil changed {on Valentine's Day} and the guy there asked me if that's what I got for Valentine's Day... "We get more women in here on Valentine's Day than any other day!" K... that's odd...
-When husband was filling in my age for a survey and he put 25... I gave him a look... He looked guilty... and changed it to 24. Boo. I guess I have to accept that I am almost 25. I let him change it back. Sigh.

{yes... please excuse the awkward bathroom shots. But look at how long my hair is! It needs to be cut}

-I bought some Aveda yesterday... So excited... Hopefully I will love it
-My COOKIE CUTTER finally came in! Oh happy day
-Disneyland in t-minus 2 weeks
-The cups my sister got me for my birthday. Yes I am still not over how stinkin' cute they are!
-That husband loves me just the way I am. I love that.
-My hair is soooo long these days. I think I will cut it. Yeah... I say that a lot.
-Nerdy glasses. I heart them
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

{An even more awkward bathroom photoshot. I'm cool like that. It is awkward day after all}


Daisy said...

Haha, I hate it when people yell at you from random places. Guys are so dumb! Cute glasses :)

Diane's Photography said...

I guess when you're cute at hell, that's a must be a man exclaimation word! haahaa!
and I love your long hair and glasses!

Diane's Photography said...

p.s. Your new camera is awesome!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's a great camera! How odd that they get more women in there for oil changes on vday.