Thursday, February 9, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

(We are awkward... but sometimes we are awesome)

-That I wore cute things this week and didn't get a single picture! Boo. So you get a re-peat of some awkward one's from our family session. Lame I know... Sorry!
-Someone on pinterest's name is either Harry Potter or they are being funny. I woke up to an email the other day that said, "Harry Potter likes your pin! Harry Potter repinned your pin!" I had a split second of thinking "No way Harry Potter likes my pin!" And then I thought... Oh... Wait a second!
-I am pretty sure I am in some chick's picture of Sprinkles... I am in the background taking a barbaric bite of my cupcake.
-That our only boy in our Sunday School class told me that I looked like "Robin" from Batman and robin.
-AND yesterday I wore my green jeans and this dude in Chemistry told me he liked them because they reminded him of his Teenaged Mutan Ninja Turtles shirt... K... I am not wearing green ever again.
-Apparently racoon tail girl wears her tiara to the gym... but not her racoon tail. Racoon tails are too much for gym apparel.
-The guy yesterday in the student center that was singing Genie in a Bottle. It was so wrong.
(This is what I like to call "The Cole pose". Our photographer's grandson came onlong on our photo shoot and this pose-complete with flower in hand-was his idea haha!)

-My cute friend Breanna told me that she likes the Keebler cookies better than girl scout cookies because, "They are basically the same thing except made by elves and not girlscouts." I had a good laugh at that one.
-Husband brought me home some snacks yesterday :-)
-When husband sends me sweet emails and texts
-Getting 50% off at Joann's!
-How gorgeous the weather has been here
-Only 5 days until Valentine's Day!
-Which means there are only 19 days until my Birthday! Woohoo!
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!

This is me wishing you a fabulous Thursday!

P.S. My purple coat is from J Crew and I love it!


Sam said...

Great photos! I really like this post ;)


Elisabeth said...

1. i want your coat. a lot. like if you lived in provo i would borrow it on a regular basis :)
2. i had a friend in high school named harry potter - he was born before the books came out and was named harrison potter but always went by harry. funny side note: he had dark hair and looked a lot like daniel radcliffe. we were on the same mock trial team so when we competed in court and got up to introduce councel..."along with my co-counsel, elisabeth earnshaw, harry potter, and ..." theya ll thought we were kidding. we weren't. :)

andrea said...

Delete this if my first comment show up. I love your Awkward & Awesome posts, they make me smile. Most of your posts make me smile though. Thanks!

Daisy said...

Haha, genie in a bottle?! That's such an old song, hilarious.

Amanda said...

You should totally wear your green pants again but next time wear a TMNT shirt and those eye mask thingys they wear. it would be even better if you carried around some knives or a sword. not sure if that's legal but worth walking right up to the guy that said something and say, "What now biznatch!"

Samantha said...

Hahahaha!! I'd love if I woke up to an email saying that THE Harold Potter liked my pin. Best.Day.Ever!