Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Pinterest Wardrobe

We are going shopping tomorrow. Husband says we are gong to "stock up" on winter clothing...
I say I am going to be using pinterest as my guide for cute outfits
I am dying to get my hands on some of these fabulous pieces!

Pinned Image
I love how cute and simple this dress is. I love dresses for spring because they are so light and easy... and they make you look like you tried really hard to look cute... even though you just put on one piece. And you KNOW I love me some BOWS! The sad part about this dress??? I have no idea where it came from!?

Pinned Image
How cute is this girl!? And her outfit? Yeah it needs to be in my closet. I love the bag, love the pants, love the sunnies, love love love. VIA

Pinned Image
This bathing suit has been staring at me for the last 5 days saying "Whitney you need me!"... It's true cute suit... I do. VIA

Pinned Image
This girl is a girl after my own heart. Pink skirt!? Nude heels!? Nautical!? I love this. VIA

Pinned Image
I am pretty sure this is every girl's staple outfit for fall/winter.Those cords and jacket are fabulous. VIA 

Pinned Image
I love lace. The End. VIA

Pinned Image
Ok ok NOT the end. Because... I just bought this cute little chevron "dress" (that I will be wearing as a shirt). I am so excited to get it I can hardly stand it! VIA

What are you pinning this week!?

P.S. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! I had a fabulous day and I will be sure to tell you all about it a little later!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You say it's your birthday

{yes I spent my birthday at Disneyland last year too... it's my happy place}

For some reason... I really want to watch 16 candles
And you know what? I just might
My family has to work today {who does that!?}
That's what I get for having a birthday in the middle of the week
(Dancin' with Baloo in Goofy's Kitchen)

Fear not
Husband already sang to me, surprised me with our DISNEY tickets {complete with mushy gushy message}, girl scout cookies, and my fav pink Chanel Chance perfume... AND we are going indoor skydiving on Saturday after Disneyland...
Because I am too chicken to jump out of a plane husband thought this was the next best thing
And I am freakin' excited
Today I am getting a schlak manicure, going to my first bikram yoga class with Shawna, and I am definitely going to be eating some pink birthday cake
That is a promise

I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!!! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

How old am I?

(I saw this sign and thought yeah right!)

This weekend... I felt like I was 16 again
It might have something to do with going to Boomer's with our friends
And playing mini golf
Perhaps it was riding in the go-carts

(look at how intense Dev's face is!)

And WOOHOOing my way around the track
and screaming "I'm gunna get you!"
Or... maybe it was the attempt at climbing the rock wall?

(Dev and Sarah tackling the rock wall)

It could have been the dessert party we threw for our Sunday School kids
Who are all 16-17 year olds

(I finally used my "message in the cookie" cutter to make personalized cookies for our kids)

We giggled
And talked about boys... once our only boy in the class left
(He is lucky! 10 to 1 odds for him in that class)

(the spread! red velvet cheese ball, truffles, sugar cookies, cake batter blondies, triple layer brownies, and red velvet cupcakes!)

We played games and ate junk
And laughed until we cried

(paper straws are my new favorite thing!)

 As I get ready for my birthday tomorrow... I realize that getting older sucks in some ways
Because it is no longer socially acceptable for me to have my birthday party at chuckecheese
(although I did get some good skeeball in at boomers)

(if you love red velvet you will love THIS. Don't let the fact that it is called a "cheese ball" throw you. It's amazing!)

It is also freakin' awesome too
Because now I get to have way cooler birthday celebrations at Disneyland
Just like a 5 year old
I might even get my face painted

What did you guys do this weekend?

Friday, February 24, 2012

I mustache you a question

Husband is not a fan of the latest mustache trend
He just doesn't get it
He thinks they are weird and ugly
Pinned Image
I don't
I love them
I think they are hilarious
Not real mustache's of course
Just these fake ones
There is just something so funny to me about seeing that silly little mustache
But alas... when my sister sent me these amazing cups with lips and... you guessed it... a mustache
I wanted to leave them out for the world to see
And husband put them away in the cupboard

Needless to say when the Valentine's dance came around
And our friend HEATHER set up a photo booth
I was dying to wear that mustache!
But we didn't...

Until!... we wanted a picture with our friends Sarah and Michael
I looked longingly at the props...
Sarah and I both grabbed mustaches because by golly we were going to wear them
And then Michael picked one up.... And then...
So did Devin
I told him he looks like a bandito

This dance was so much fun!
These girls are awesome
I sure am going to miss them when we move

P.S. We are "team balloon" because we made a balloon wall for the dance... with 1,000 balloons.

Happy Friday friends!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

Gasp! What's this? A real awkward and awesome post? With an outfit?
{Shoes: Macys. Pants: JCP. Top: Old Navy ($8!). Glasses: Nicole Miller. Cobalt nailpolish: OPI.)

-Driving in down town SLO and seeing this kid on a mini unicycle... pushing a shopping cart. His legs were going like 100 mph trying to keep that thing going. I tried to take a picture...
-On our date this past weekend we decided to go to a restaurant we haven't been to in... um... 2 years. So we go there and the restaurant isn't there! There is some Sushi place where the entrance used to be. So I googled where it was... and sure enough we were where it said the restaurant was supposed to be. We got into the car to leave, drove away... and then saw the sign for our restaurant. Oops. I guess we hadn't been there in awhile.
-Waving to people who don't see you... so you try again.... and again... and then you give up because you look like an idiot... It happened Sunday more than once.
-Walking to class with your chemistry professor... I tried to walk faster so he couldn't catch up {he is a bit older} but he must to aerobics or something because he stayed right there with me, "Do you have any other shoes Ms. Zufelt? Because those don't cover your feet enough and you might drop hydrochloric acid on them!" Sorry I don't carry other shoes in my school bag with me...

-Just bought our tickets for the midnight showing of THE HUNGER GAMES!
-We are having a dessert party for our Sunday School kids this Saturday and I am super excited
-5 days until my birthday... I am not excited about the age BUT I am getting a schlack manicure, the pink champagne  cake from Madonna Inn AND husband is taking me to Disneyland next weekend... spoiled.
-Our triple date night we have planned for tomorrow night!
-Chevron... seriously I think I am starting to have a problem with it!
-Pinterest liked one of my pins! Seriously I didn't know that was possible!
-That husband has been trying to help me with my homework... I know that man loves me.
-Tomorrow is Friday!!!

Happy Thursday my friends!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!!! Home edition

Guys... it's official. We are moving. Yeah I know... we have been "moving" for the past few months...
But really... no joke... it's happening
I was in denial about it until husband called yesterday
And we are going
My mom is going to freak out
SO with that... I thought to share some of my favorite "home" ideas from Pinterest
seeing as how we will be living in a different place soon
If only we had unlimited funds for pinterest ideas and projects...

Pinned Image
I have been obsessing over a couch like this. I don't know why really it doesn't look very comfortable... but I still want one! VIA

Pinned Image
Usually I am a pink girl but I love the grey with the purple! And the chevron art? Love it. VIA

Pinned Image
Say hello to our future office... maybe. I adore the Tiffany blue and the white! It just looks so clean. VIA

Pinned Image
How cute is this? I am pretty sure we will need one in our backyard... but probably not in purple. VIA

Pinned Image
Ok... let's be honest...This laundry room might actually make me WANT to do laundry... maybe. VIA

Pinned Image
This isn't just a want. This is a necessity... That way I can rid our counters of all my makeup. It's a win win! I get a cute vanity... husband gets counter space haha! VIA

Pinned Image
We will be moving somewhere that has snow {snow!?} which means I will freeze the entire time. This cable knit blanket is exactly what I want to cuddle up with {and husband} in front of a roaring fire. VIA

What are you pinning this week?


Tuesday, February 21, 2012



Our weekend was filled with Avila Beach.
We put Lucy's hiking shoes on her {yes we are those people}
And only one stayed on the entire hike
We saw gorgeous views of the ocean and even met a few friends along the way
Then we dropped Lulu off at grandma and grandpa's so we could have a date night
We ate at one of my favorite restaurants
And headed to our favorite spot on the beach
To cuddle and watch the stars come out
Husband whispered "I love you! Will you marry me!?"
Becuase we were in the exact spot he said both of those things
We ate the best ice cream you can get on the central coast {doc bernsteins!}
And busted out our google sky app to check out constellations

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Can you believe I didn't bake a single thing!?
I know... its crazy

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Favorites

I know I showed you guys these cups already... but I can't help it... They are just too cute not to share
My friend Breanna came over this morning and we had peppermint tea in these little cuties (she let me use the mustache)
Which made our tea that much better

Oh and remember the cookie cutter I told you about?
The "message in a cookie" one?
Yeah... well... It's now in my possession
And I have been itching to try it out
Sugar cookie dough is now chillin' in my fridge for this specific reason

AND last but not least... My kitchenaid and I are learning to be better friends
It is so big... and intimidating... but... alas... I love it
And besides it makes me feel totally professional and gourmet
Which as we all know... I am none of the above

Have a fabulous Friday my friends! Enjoy your weekend and eat something sugary for me k? Ok. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

{Hello NikonD7000...}
-Apparently people are still having "Whitney Houston" issues. When I emailed my school this morning I got an email back said, "Dear Ms. Houston"... no... no that is not me.
-Walking to the grocery store the other day and this man hollers, "I love your glasses!" Me: Thanks. Man: "You are as cute as hell!" Me: I am pretty sure hell isn't very cute...
-The guy in my chem class who decized he would not only get zigzag details in his hair... but that it would be awesome to zigzag his entire beard. This is the same one who said my green pants reminded him of his ninja turtle shirt. I have a feeling we won't be very good friends.
-That all I want to do is bake... and workout.... I would say that's conflicting interests...
-When I got my oil changed {on Valentine's Day} and the guy there asked me if that's what I got for Valentine's Day... "We get more women in here on Valentine's Day than any other day!" K... that's odd...
-When husband was filling in my age for a survey and he put 25... I gave him a look... He looked guilty... and changed it to 24. Boo. I guess I have to accept that I am almost 25. I let him change it back. Sigh.

{yes... please excuse the awkward bathroom shots. But look at how long my hair is! It needs to be cut}

-I bought some Aveda yesterday... So excited... Hopefully I will love it
-My COOKIE CUTTER finally came in! Oh happy day
-Disneyland in t-minus 2 weeks
-The cups my sister got me for my birthday. Yes I am still not over how stinkin' cute they are!
-That husband loves me just the way I am. I love that.
-My hair is soooo long these days. I think I will cut it. Yeah... I say that a lot.
-Nerdy glasses. I heart them
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

{An even more awkward bathroom photoshot. I'm cool like that. It is awkward day after all}


Happy {a few day's late} Valentine's Day!
My friend Sarah and I went and saw The Vow on Valentine's day
That movie is just plain sad! Seriously... sad... And I wasn't all that thrilled with how it ended.
Husband and I stayed in and ate panera and I baked my crack cookies.
Super romantic I know
{my pink ombre cupcakes with redvelt frosting}
We had our Valentine's day on Saturday
Husband surprised me with new shoes {woohoo!} and bought me a new pair for the dance as well {see Monday's post for those beauties!}
I also go a new hand mixer... because I killed my last one
{I love this new kitchenaide handmixer! I have used it twice since Saturday...}
We went out to dinner at Olive Garden... which we never ever go to
But somethin' about that salad and breadsticks was totally calling my name
I attempted pink ombre cupcakes with red velvet frosting
And we danced an hour and half of our night away
{thank you husband for my new lucky brand flats!}

Husband isn't really in to dancing
The only time he dances with me is in our kitchen
So I was really suprised when he actually wanted to go
And he even said, "thanks for making me go tonight love"
{night before the dance settin' up the baloon wall}
My day yesterday was also made 10x better because I received my first birthday present from my sister Shannon... I did a "WHOOP!" when I opened the box!
"How did you know!?" I asked
"I read your blog!" she said
My family rocks. Love you Shanny!
{my first birthday present! I LOVE THESE!!!!}
Hope your Valentine's day was filled with love and sugar. I know mine was.
Awkward and Awesome to come a little later on