Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Showing pinterest

Pinterest is genius. It's just like when I was younger and I would cut out all those pretty pictures from magazines and glue them onto paper... except so so so much better. Still trying to convince my mom that she needs to get on the pinterest bandwagon...
And yes... I did Valentine's Day... again...
Pinned Image
This is on my to do list for Thursday... I love it!  VIA

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I've got my eyes on you Valentine! VIA

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Love potion!!! I love it! VIA

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I love love! This is adorable! VIA

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Dear husband... you really are :-) VIA

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Does someone want to come make these with me!? VIA

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Make your own Valentine scratch em' cards! Love! VIA

If you are looking for the original links to where these came from please click on the "via" links.

What are you pinning this week?


Courtney B said...

I don't know how I ever came up with cute, creative little gifts before Pinterest :) These are adorable finds!

Jenna said...

I seriously love all of these - I'm having a serious dilemma on which one I should try this year - they're all so adorable!

I just got my mom hooked on pinterest a couple weeks ago - she's an avid pinner now! ha!


Janine said...

I'm doing that love potion one for a Valentine's day party. I'm excited. Thank you pinterest.

Dawn Braun said...

I adore the ease of Pinterest and the lack of even more papers dangerously piling up all over my disk! :)

wHiT said...

These are all super cute!

Sam said...

All really cute photos! Thanks for sharing.


Lauren said...

Such cute ideas! I'm excited for Valentine's day too so I love your theme for today :)


Monika Wright said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Alphabet of Our Love mini book, I appreciate you!