Friday, January 27, 2012

Lust List- Color

It was hot yesterday... to the point where I wanted to wear shorts. It's January right?
It's January in California
SO!!! It got me thinkig about what I am lusting after for spring
Because frankly... it's already here

This is mostly my lust list from J Crew's new arrivals...

Ok Ok the first one isn't from J Crew... but the rest is!
#1. Colored skinny jeans
I have the red... I just need the other 5. Express Zelda jean legging (oh and did you know its buy one get one half off??? I'm dying over here)

#2. Dresses
Teddie dress
I love this dress... Love love love it. I love dresses because they are simple but it looks like you tried harder than you did ;-)

#3. Bright chino shorts
Summerweight chino short
Any surprise that this is from J Crew too? Nah didn't think so. I love me a good modest short that is still stylish!

#4. Ballet flats
Cece suede ballet flats
Zooey Deschanel wore some just like this on an episode of The New Girl. Heart her! Cece seude ballet flat

#5 Schoolboy blazer

Schoolboy blazer in herringbone
What was that really cute pink jacket? Oh you want to be a part of my wardrobe? Oh good... you're hired!

#6. Silk pintuck blouse

Silk pintuck blouse
I think I am starting to have  "blue" thing.

What's on your lust list!?


bonbon said...

I wandered over to your blog today from Janine's blog, a handful of peanuts. I LOVE colored skinny jeans. I am so so so obsessed, but it is surprisingly hard to find them at a semi decent price right now. Let me know if you find any great ones!


Jessica L. said...

It's amazing what color can do for an outfit and your closet! I really love stripes and that pink blazer! -Jessica