Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's OK...

(Shoes: Enzo Angiolini. Pants: Express. Top: Old Navy. Lip stick: MAC Red)

This morning I am a little bit peeved... the garage door guy should have been here half an hour ago... he has yet to show up... I have a webinar for work this morning...AND the cookie cutter I want from Williams-Sonoma is on back order grrrrrr. Yes I did just grrrrr. But I can't really complain- I get off early today AND The Biggest Loser is on tonight and in case you didn't know Santa Clause (yes jolly old Saint Nicholas himself who is going by the alias of "Roy") is a contestant.

It's OK...

-To miss husband when he goes to work even if we just spent the entire weekend together
-To clean your house in "phases"... as in "today is the kitchen phase"
-To buy stripped straws from Crate & Barrel just because they are cute. It just means I will have to have a milk and cookies party in the future
-To choose your outfit soley based on lip color
-To slow down a bit 
-To think up ways to talk yourself out of a ticket because your husband has your license (and your debit card)
-To make things... even if no one but you appreciates them
-To want to have more than one wedding (to the same person). Heidi Klum and Seal do it every year. I think that should be mandatory
-To take pride in pulling off a price sticker in one clean sweep
-To call mom

What's OK with you today?


Amira said...

Oh how I would love to have a wedding every year!!!! I could put all of my ideas to good use :-)


Janine said...

It's ok to take a nap even though the house could really use a good cleaning.

wHiT said...

agree...i wish i could have my wedding over and over again. almost each weekend! :) It'd never get old!

Samantha said...

I usually clean my house in phases! In fact, today is 'bathroom phase'! :)


Diane's Photography said...

I like to clean my house in phases, it's keeps my sanity and time for me to do something I like to do. After all I'm the only girl in a house of 2 1/2 guys! :D
and it's OK to miss my sewing buddy today!!

Anonymous said...

I clean my house in phases, was thinking up the same thing the other day because my husband had my license, and I told my husband we should get married again....totally OK!