Monday, January 2, 2012

It's OK...

Happy 2012 friends! I hope you all had a fatastic New Years Eve/Day
Yes we started our "detox" today- I am so happy that husband is going along with it
And we have talked a lot about moving this morning... husband keep saying "it's months away!" I say "it's right around the corner"

It's OK...
-That we didn't stay up until midnight on New Years Eve... we made it to East Coast time and that counts
-That we were both sore from playing xbox Kinect with Sarah and Michael...
-To order the same thing almost everytime you go out to sushi
-That we both ate large pieces of chocolate cake last night before said detox began
-To spend money on good makeup
-To be proud of the above {mini} oranges that we are growing. We have issues keeping plants alive
-That I will be 25 in a few months days
-To freak out about whether or not you will get in to grad school {que me for the past few months}
-To eat cheetos... before your detox... they were in my stocking afterall
-That we both slept in this morning
-To have watched the Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt "What are you doin' New Years Eve?" video more times than I would care to admit
-To wear sparkly shoes {the boat shoes I am wearing are sparkly although you can't tell)
-And to dress casually... hence my jeans and tshirt look... you can't be fancy nancy all the time
-To not have made any New Years resolutions this year. Instead we made our "bucket list"
-To be rereading The Hunger Games

What's OK with you today?
(Shoes: Steve Madden. Jeans: Citizens. Polkadot top and Cardi: J Crew)


Lottie said...

I love your cardigan! Roast pork is ok with me today, as are long walks; the last day with the boy; and my final mince pie until next Christmas.

Diane's Photography said...

You are super cute Whitney! AND I got all teary eyed when I read about you guys moving! I will MISS you!

Elisabeth said...

super cute as always whitney :) happy new year!

Josie said...

I like your 'it's okay' idea. Much better than a list of unrealistic resolutions.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Happy New Year! you'll have to share the items on your bucket list!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Happy New Year! you'll have to share the items on your bucket list!