Thursday, January 19, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

(Boots: Macys. Skirt and Cardi: J. Crew. T: Downeastbasics... AND milkmaid hair hehe)

-This morning after my workout Devin was still asleep and I came upstairs to our guest bedroom to kill a few minutes before getting ready and I heard this huge crash from downstairs and I immediately thought that someone had broken into our house and husband was sleeping through it so I called my mom freaking out because obviously I'm about to die... turns out it was just Lucy being crazy and knocking things off of our upstairs loft and letting them crash in our dinning room...
-When I told husband that he was crushing my hopes and dreams of becoming a professional "waiter in line" at Disneyland and he said, "Hey I pay for your hopes and dreams."... tuche my love :-)
-The text I sent my best friend Friday night when she asked what we were doing... We just ate dinner and now we are on a quest to find Batman....
-Hiding from people who knock on your door... All of a sudden you feel trapped and like they know you are inside because they have supersonic hearing and so you try not to whisper (or breathe) until they are gone. Phew that was a close one.
-How dangerous it has now become to sleep with husband. I have been hit/punched/scratched in the face 3 times since we have been married (once I year I guess). The first time he was playing frisbee (in his dreams), the next time he was running from a deer and turned around and punched it (it was my face that he punched) and most recently he was in a car that was rolling and he was trying to grab onto something which so happened to be my face.
-When your desk looks like a small pharmacy and everyone asks you "are you sick!?!?!?" nope... I just felt like being a drug dealer today... anyone need any dayquil?

-Sleeping in fresh sheets.
-The dinners I have made these last 2 nights (if I do say so myself). Fig glazed chicken and jambalaya... delicious.
-Snacking like a 5 year old. read goldfish and teddy grahams.
-Rain. It's really coming this time. Weather man promised
-Actually getting things done off of your pinterest boards
-Doing new fun things with your hair
-I watched An Affair to Remember yesterday
-Fuzzy warm blankies
-And thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!


Samantha said...

The first thing that I noticed about this post was your HAIR! You did the braid from Pinterest!! Looks so cute!


wHiT said...

agreed! Love the braid and the outfit!

Sarah Lynne said...

i was just telling michael last night how me and you need to go to Disneyland together... cause I've been wanting to go since forever and I know it's like your favorite place!! it would be fun ;) btw. i really like your outfit. :)

Courtney B said...

I am SO glad we aren't the only one's who hide when someone is knocking on our door :)

Janine said...

i answered your tag. thanks for the link. love the braid.

Ashley said...

hahahaha that was the funniest thing reading about your husbands dreams. too bad you had to be on the bad end of it, but it still made me laugh. hopefully you don't get attacked anymore haha.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I have never seen An Affair to Remember! I need to get on that!

LoriLynn said...

What an adorable outfit-totally soemthing I'd love to recreate to wear to work! Xo Lori