Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

(Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Pants and scarf: J Crew. T shirt: Marshalls. Cardi: Express. Glasses: Nicole Miller. Lipstick: Nars Schiap)

-That moment when you realize your hair doesn't "blow in the wind" like Pocahontas's. But in the movie her hair never gets in her face or tangled!
-When Devin thought that this guy sitting at our table was deaf. Husband, "Is he deaf?" Me, "No honey he isn't deaf." Husband, "Are you sure? He isn't saying anything." Me, "Yes I am pretty sure he isn't deaf." Supposed deaf guy says, "Do you guys want some rice?" Husband, "Oh... Ok... he isn't deaf... I just wanted to communicate with him." Me, "Good thing you didn't try signing to him he would have thought you were crazy."
-Buying tampons from a teen aged boy.
-We went to The North Face store this weekend and I was wearing some workout pants (because we were going to go bike the Golden Gate Bridge) and I found some cute snowboarding pants that I liked and husband wanted me to try them on but I didn't want to go into a dressing room so I just slipped them on over my workout pants (classy I know) and when I went to take them off a sales associate walked right behind me and went "WHOA!" just as I dropped those pants to my ankles. "Oh I'm sorry! I totally have pants on underneath!" She said, "Oh ok I was wondering why you were getting changed back here." I was getting changed back here because I am lazy. Thanks.
-Dumping (on accident) your lunch on your freshly ironed pants 2 seconds before you have to go to work...

-There is a 20% chance of rain on Sunday. I am clinging to that 20% dream that I will get to finally wear my wellies. AND they are predicting showers here next Thursday.
-Having breakfast for dinner
-Getting your workouts done before 6 am. Other than the lack of sleeping in it's amazing how much more you get done.
-THIS even though I have to wait for it
-I already bought husband one of his birthday presents :-)
-When I told husband that I wanted to some day have a bakery and he said "you already do its our kitchen" haha love
-Being married... its the bomb yo
-Colored jeans!
-AND.... Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Husband and I have plans to stay in and I honestly can't wait.


Janine said...

i hate buying tampons from boys...period. it makes me feel so weird.

Diane's Photography said...

haahaa, I always hated buying femine products from guys! I love your wednesdays blogging akward and awesome!

Alynne Leigh said...

Love your outfit!!
Isn't breakfast for dinner totally THE best?!!


dreaming en francais said...

Great post! Loving the white pants. Lovely blog, we should follow each other! xo

Courtney*Cakes said...

I love your outfit!! Nothing better then staying in... Enjoy your weekend!!!

Thanks for leaving some love on my blog!!! Totally your newest friend!!!


Catherine said...

I love your lip color. Stunning!

I wanted to let you know about a new blog FEST about food, style & travel. Come follow along as I document my wardrobe challenge: to not but any clothes in 2012. It's gonna be great.

MELISSA H said...

nice blog! (:

**rk** said... get your workouts done before 6am?? you're an animal, girl!

love your outfit!