Thursday, January 5, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

-That there is a trivia game for The Jersey Shore... the good news is is that is was on sale
-Going to K Mart. Sometimes I forget that place exists
-All of a sudden feeling really old (even though I know I'm not). I freaked out the other day to Devin "If we had a baby right now by the time they are my age I will be 50!!!!"
-The rude man at the post office (who had been standing behind me in line for at least 5 minutes) who yelled "Are you in line!?" No I have just been standing here in this giant line with this giant heavy package for no reason at all...
-Also the huffy puffy post office lady who got all bent out of shape because we didn't use the correct packing tape on our package. "See look our stickers don't even stick to it!" I said, "Um ok well I didn't know I'm not the one who taped it" She said "Well tell who ever did not to use this stuff any more!" Me "Ok" and then she gets all nice and says "Would you like to by stamps today!?" No thank you Mrs. Bipolar I think I have had enough of the post office today
-Ugh when people have answering machines that go "Hello?.... Hellllooooooo!?.... Sorry we aren't here right now..." and you have already gotten through half of what you were going to tell them by the time you realize its a machine... It's happened to me twice this week
-This cute little boy at work who winked at me! I asked him how old he was and he said 9. I said, "Where did you learn to wink at girls?" and he said, "I didn't do that my eye got tired!" Oops... I guess I don't know flirting signals anymore now that I'm married.

-The other day I was singing a Disney song and husband said "Hey that's from Tangled!"
-I am also contemplating buying Disney Princess valentine's... don't be shocked if you get one
-Yesterday when I went to go find my place in my book and I found a nice bookmark there (which I never use). I love the little things like that that husband does.
-We are going up north this weekend for our friend's wedding! I am so excited and happy for them! But also nervous as to what to wear...
-Sleeping in
-That I haven't had to workout by myself this week.
-Husband's text this morning that said "Love I didn't want to leave you this morning"...
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

(Boots: Macys. Socks: Target. Skirt, Cardi, Headband: J Crew)

Happy Thursday friends! It's almost the weekend...


Samantha said...

The Jersey Shore game! Yes! I bought that for my boyfriends sister this year. :) Definitely busting it out to pre-game for the new season tonight!!


rebecca said...

don't u love how those answering machine messages make you feel like an idiot? ha.

Kieren said...

Love that skirt!

Alyx said...

Hahahahaa, a Jersey Shore game? Really?! Wow.
And yeah, I forgot K-Mart existed. They are getting more and more rare, though... right?

Lottie said...

I hate those answering machines because they mess with my mind and make me nervous and then I leave a garbled message that rambles on for far too long normally omitting my name so I have to ring back and leave another message..very awkward!

Lisa @ MMT said...

Love your awkward and awesome post, they always make me laugh! Seriously, post office lady? Not good customer service. And the eye wink, haha! Hilarious! Have a good time up north, I'm sure you will pick out an awesome outfit! Oh, and Disney princess valentine's rock :)

Diane's Photography said...

I love your akward and awesome, makes me smile and laugh. I always look forward to the post!