Friday, December 2, 2011


My battle...
 I used to eat McDonald's at least twice a week (yes I know how disgusting)
I used to order the double cheese burger meal-supersized-with a sprite
I also used to eat ice cream out of the carton... like it was a food group
And cheese-it's by the box, and cookies and treats and anything my hands could get on
(shoes: nordstroms. pants and cardi: j crew. tshirt: downeast basics. glasses: nicole miller)
And I was unhappy. And I wore a size 11. And boys called me fat.
And then... I decided to run track in High School
And then I stopped eating McDonald's
And I stopped drinking soda
And I lost a little bit of weight

And then I went to college
And I ate dessert almost everyday from the Galley
And I baked with my roommates
And I ate Jack-in-the-box tacos
And then I started running
And I didn't lose any weight
Because I kept my eating habits the same

And then...
I changed
I started eating healthy. No McDonalds. No CRAP.
And working out. Regularly. With THE FIRM
I decided I didn't want to feel sluggish and horrible everyday
... and I lost 20 lbs
And have kept it off for almost 3 years
I'm not saying that it isn't a struggle to maintain it everyday...
But its doable.
 And there are days (like today) when I feel "fat"
And I need to remember where I started... and where I am now.

Happy Friday lovelies!


Elisabeth said...

what a great story - and motivation for all the rest of us :)

thanks for sharing!

and if you have a minute, id love for you to check out what we're doing today over on my blog to take a stand against AIDS, its easy and its fun :)

Eva said...

happened to read this while eating joke!
..just gonna put this burger away now...

{amy k.} said...

you mean ice cream isn't a food group?? oh man!

i understand the feeling "fat". it's not a fun feeling but i'm pretty sure it happens to all of us.

i'm happy to find another military wife in the blog world! :)

Lisa @ MMT said...

I struggle with the same issues! Ugh! Why does food always have to present such a battle!? It's something I have to work on every single day. Lately I've been feeling 'fat' too. Time to step up my game and start working out again and watching what I eat. Although when I do think back to where I started, it makes me feel better too! Glad to hear honesty and happy I found your blog! New follower :)